• Opposing Parental Rights Is Not Only About Control, It's About "Queering" Your Child

    May 20, 2024

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    I rarely admit when I have missed an important part of an issue I am writing about. I work hard to research information and develop my ideas. But occasionally it happens. In March I wrote this article:

    Why Do Government, Schools and Teachers Unions Vehemently Oppose Parental Rights? - Easton Gazette

    It's a good article when it comes to giving different perspectives on the denial of parental rights, except I missed one thing.

    I have been reading the book THE QUEERING OF THE AMERICAN CHILD- How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids by Logan Lancing with James Lindsay. It's a difficult book to read because there is so much information about what "Queer Theory**" is, how it began, and why it is promoted. However, it is a book that answers the questions about WHY school systems, federal and state agencies, teachers' unions all seem so intent on forgoing common sense, logic and scientific fact to promote the hideous agenda of "queer activists." It also explores why normal people seem content to turn a blind eye to this agenda.

    One of the most alarming facts about the queering of schools is that it has been going on for approximately thirty years.

    Most of this material and theory, like so many others bad educational theory, come straight from academia of the late 80's and early 90's where the term "gender queer" was created and promoted as a way to subvert what is normal in society.* Normalcy is considered "oppression" by the gender queer activists who envision a world where nothing is defined, nothing is normal, nothing is "out of bounds." They view it as their mission to spread the "virus of queer theory" (their phraseology) so that no one can get away from it. They need the nation's classrooms to make this happen.

    For example, administrators, curriculum developers and teachers look to papers like "Queering Elementary Education: A Queer Curriculum for 4th Grade" to make their schools and classrooms more inclusive. 1 Queer Activists state their mission clearly, to "deliberately...interfere with" the production of normal kids.

    And that is why they hate parental rights. The gender queer activists have convinced and co-opted the Federal Government, State Departments of Education, local school systems, courts, teachers' unions, and teachers for their cause. The one group they have NOT been able to bring on board are parents. So, in order to get around the obstacle of parental resistance, queer theory activists must manipulate and gaslight parents. From Lancing and Lindsay:

    "Navigating Parental Resistance: Learning for Responses of LGBTQ-Inclusive Elementary School Teachers" can be considered a blueprint for using language to hide Queer Theory Instruction from parents. The paper details the rhetorical maneuvers two elementary teachers (one that 'identifies as a lesbian and is gender-queer,' and another that 'identifies as a cisgender, straight ally') use to bulldoze parental concerns and politicize 4th and 5th grade classrooms filled with nine- and ten-year-olds."

    "The paper begins by confirming something parents have felt for a while now. Queer Activists think parents are a "significant gatekeeping mechanism" meant to "protect a mythical innocence" that people "project onto children."

    The second paragraph is the most frightening portion of what Queer Activists want from society. By rejecting childhood innocence and boundaries of what is acceptable and permissible between adults and children with the goal of removing those boundaries altogether. This opens the door for children deciding to change their gender via surgery or hormone therapy because it removes the definition of what a child is like it removes the definition of "man" and "woman."

    It also opens the door for pedophilia under the guise of mutual consent.

    Queer Activists like Gayle Rubin have written that pedophiles are sympathetic humans who have been demonized by society because of what she called their "erotic orientation." She bemoans how pedophiles have been hunted by law enforcement with the intent of "wiping out" the community of men who loved underaged young. This empathetic view of people who abuse children is disgusting.

    Again, from Lancing and Lindsay:

    Parents must understand what Queer Theory is doing to their children. Queer Activists know that parents will end the madness the second they realize their children are in danger, which is why Queer Activists intentionally subvert parental authority and teach children to expect parental rejection of their new "queer" identities. The zealots parading through our schools are doing everything they can to destroy the relationships parents have with their children. Queer Activists know they must eliminate the parent/child bond for the transformation to work.

    It's clear that parental rights will put a roadblock in this evil mission.

    Lancing and Lindsay state, " It's time to understand what's going on so we can all stop the madness and restore the normalcy our children need to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. It's time to understand Queer Theory."

    This is a call for all of us to fight back, including the gay and lesbian community who want no part of this movement.

    When I wonder why I missed this aspect of the mindset of people who are against parental rights, I realize one thing. This was a concept almost too awful to acknowledge, that someone would want to remove parents from the equation so they could control, abuse, confuse, and destroy children. But it is reality.

    One we need to face and eliminate.

    *The idea was actually germinated in prisons in the 1940's

    NOTES: I highly recommend that any parent, grandparent, teacher, or community member who cares about what is happening to our children read this book. Get out your highlighter and post it notes because there is SO much valuable information you won't want to forget.

    ** "Queer Theory" is a phrase adopted by the community who pushes this agenda and not a term I relish using. However, this is how these activists describe themselves and their mission. It has little to do with the sexual preferences of adults such as being gay or heterosexual, but rather the destabilizing of accepted norms in society and the removal of barriers that protect children.

    1THE QUEERING OF THE AMERICAN CHILD- How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids by Logan Lancing with James Lindsay, New Discourses, LLC 2024

    You can order it here:

    Amazon.com : the queering of the american child

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    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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    Laura Bogley

    Great writing by Jan but she missed the most important part- that this issue will be on the Maryland ballot this fall. M4L needs to warn parents that the so-called "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment to the Maryland Constitution is not just about abortion extremism, it will allow the state to remove children from parents' custody if they oppose other adults transitioning their minor children. Even "pro-choice" voters should vote against this radical amendment to divide parents and children.

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