• Why Do Government, Schools and Teachers Unions Vehemently Oppose Parental Rights?

    March 18, 2024
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    Parental rights are for everyone. Repeat. Parental rights are for everyone!

    Parental rights are for all races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, economic groups, sexual orientations, etc. No matter who the parent is, they have parental rights until they do something that legally changes their status as a parent.

    Why should everyone believe in parental rights?

    They should because parental rights ARE for all parents. Current leftist propaganda would have you believe that the only people in this country advocating for parental rights are white, right-wing, upper middle-class parents.

    The denial of a parent’s right to decide for his/her child is the beginning of the State takeover of a society. It has happened in every authoritarian country in history. And I don’t know anyone, conservative or progressive, who says they want that.

    Across the country, politicians and parent groups are proposing parental rights bills. Every time, it seems there are the same reactions. Conservatives support the bills; Progressives oppose them. Fringe political action groups like GLSEN and other Marxist groups, ironically scream about "protecting the children from their own parents." Depending on the political balance and the political influence of the Teacher's Unions in state legislatures, these bills are either approved or soundly defeated.

    In Maryland, they are always voted down.

    Sadly, people forget when these bills are proposed that they never mean that only one group gets parental rights while others don’t. Parental rights are for ALL PARENTS.

    Since that’s true, what IS the problem with parental rights?

    Is the problem that all parents WILL get those rights and there are those who don’t want that? Recent comments from leftist legislators in Maryland's government seem to prove that is true. "Parents believe the children are theirs," they say, "They aren't. They belong to us." And by "us" they mean the State, the collective, The Marxist cult.

    There are four groups who fight hard against parental rights. They are school systems, government officials, teachers’ unions and even some teachers. Why?

    SCHOOL SYSTEMS: In many cases, school systems don’t want to be bothered with parents. They don’t want to have to explain what they are doing, why they are doing it and how much it costs. And by explain, I mean give a REAL, RATIONAL explanation for programs, not some obscure platitude about helping kids feel good or think they are achieving when they are not. The money systems spend on programs that don’t work and have no foundation in good teaching is hard to justify to parents and taxpayers who see dismal test scores.

    Questions parents ask may require officials to give some answers that show they either have no idea why they are doing something or that they have motives that have nothing to do with what is best for educating children. Often, the education administration will only have the answer, “Because the state/federal government says I have to.” Nothing like admitting that you are a powerless cog in the wheel.

    GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS: Government officials, politicians, don’t want parental rights because these officials are control oriented. Not only are they interested in controlling and suppressing the population, but they also don’t want to give up the monetary control unions and special interest groups such as pharmaceutical companies give them. Controlling the lives of our children is big business for these special interest groups and they will pay millions in bribes to make sure control happens. Let's not forget that the Federal Government, the people who print money, give local and state governments billions to implement the policies the Feds want. From those billions, every state and local official who does what the federal government wants can get a nice piece of the pie. When it comes down to a choice, who do you think they will give power to, parents or their federal benefactors? Parental rights don't fit in the retirement plan of these officials.

    THE UNIONS: Teacher's Unions don’t want parental rights because the codification of these rights will expose the Unions for what they are; politically biased multi-billion-dollar enterprises whose sole purpose is to grow and maintain political power by courting certain groups and defaming others. One look at the National Education Association or American Federation of Teachers national webpages shows you the groups they care about and, by omission, the ones they don’t. They don’t hide it.

    These are the unions who claim they are there for the teachers and students while they support laws that allow pornography on the shelves in school media centers and don't support laws that will keep teachers safe from out-of-control juveniles.

    Parental rights laws will open up the unions to scrutiny of how their extensive assets are spent and the control they have over local, state and federal governments. (Hint: They don’t spend money on better education for children nor services for teachers). Parents who have rights can ask questions and demand answers unions don't want to give. Answers about how much Big Pharma gives Teachers' Unions for supporting the chemical and physical mutilation of children who have been convinced they are in the "wrong body."

    Here is where I will get someone posting a comment about how these union members have children too and it's silly to think they are against parental rights. Remember, the rank and file of the unions are pawns like everyone else. Speak up against the union beliefs and you could be in big trouble. The Union Leaders who make six and sometimes seven figures a year, DO have parental rights since they have money and influence. They likely send their children to elite private schools.

    Don't forget who the Unions align themselves with:

    If you want to know more, go to these links:

    News and Stories | GLSEN

    Human Rights Campaign (hrc.org) *note their campaign against Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters who has been openly opposed to educating young children in gender ideology and sexual preferences.

    The Justice Project - Advancement Project - Advancement Project

    National Immigration Law Center - NILC is one of the leading organizations dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants. We believe that all people who live in the U.S. should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

    United We Dream | The Largest Immigrant Youth-Led Community in the US

    And, last but not least, the American Federation of Teachers, the other national teacher's union.

    AFT - American Federation of Teachers - A Union of Professionals

    Here is their leader Randi Weingarten, who makes a half million dollars a year:

    Randi Weingarten blasted for 'meltdown' outside the Supreme Court: 'Just shout and bully' | Fox News

    Teachers' union boss Randi Weingarten ROASTED after 'meltdown' over student debt outside SCOTUS | Daily Mail Online

    No wonder the Unions (and their affiliates) don't want parents to have rights. Parents get in the way of union control of students. Parents ruin this incestuous party. Several of these groups support gender reassignment surgery for children. Others ignore the human trafficking of young people at the border.

    Here's a story that shows GLSEN's intentions:

    GLSEN's Groomers in Plain Sight, by Michelle Malkin | Creators Syndicate

    Illegal immigration is a big winner for these groups and the unions as well as the influx of thousands, possibly millions of non-English speaking students into the school systems guarantees more teachers, hence more union dues.

    PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES: Pharmaceutical companies who see our public-school children as another avenue to big profits via drug prescriptions including hormone blockers and SSRI's also fight parental rights. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are a class of drugs that are typically used as antidepressants in the treatment of major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, and other psychological conditions. They should rarely, if ever, be prescribed for children. Yet Pharmaceutical Companies and the Mental Health Industry make money for every child given these drugs. They convince parents that the reason their child can't sit still and learn for eight hours a day or sometimes feels sad or confused is because they have chemical imbalance. Therefore, the influx of mental health professionals stationed in schools benefits the drug companies, parental rights do not.

    Parental rights stand in the way of these groups forcing vaccines and medical procedures such as gender reassignment surgery on children who don’t need them and don’t have the mental capacity to consent to them. That curtails a huge source of income for the pharmaceutical companies since these children will have to be lifelong customers for their drugs.

    You may wonder how that works. How do pharmaceutical companies make sure that they have control over school children and make millions?

    We have an example right here in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Senator’s name is Cheryl Kagan and she last year she proposed a bill that would allow children 14 and younger to consent to vaccines without parental knowledge.

    Bills in the Maryland State Legislature this year allowed gender reassignment procedures to be completed on minor children without parental knowledge or consent. In Maryland, children as young as 12 can consent to mental health therapy also without parental knowledge or consent.

    It’s interesting that some of these bills not only allow minors to make decisions about vaccinations and treatment, decisions they do not have the mental capacity or knowledge to make, but they also provide a liability shield for those doctors, staff, caregivers and drug companies who promote and give the vaccines or provide the treatment. That means in the event that a child is irreparably harmed or dies because of the treatment, no one involved in the process to provide it to them will have any legal responsibility.

    One wonders why officials would need a liability shield if children are competent to make this decision and/or if the procedures and vaccines are safe. We know why. They know that neither of these are true and no one wants to be sued when the inevitable happens.

    This bill gives the adults who potentially have authority over a child in school or other settings, not the parent, the right to decide if the child is competent or not. There won’t be any coercion, right? Sadly, we know there will be.

    Take a look at what California has done. Where California goes, Maryland follows:

    Newsom Signs Bill Making California ‘Sanctuary’ for Child Gender Transition (yahoo.com)

    Gov. Newsom signs laws allowing minors to hide abortions, transgender procedures from parents – LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

    At first, many did not see what Senator Kagan would gain from presenting a bill allowing children to take vaccines without parental consent or knowledge. If you read the article below, you will see her motives:

    Vaccine investor Sen. Kagan wants minors to make their own vaccine decisions – CleanSlateMoCo

    Senator Kagan and Pharmaceutical Companies could make a lot more money when they have a captive, willing population to be subjected to their vaccines and procedures. And if a few kids have to be harmed or die along the way, oh well. Greater good, right? Not if it’s your child.

    Luckily, news got out about Kagan's conflict of interest last year and she pulled her bill. Parental rights won that battle.

    With a strong parental rights bill in place the battle never would have happened and Senator Kagan’s bill would never seen the light of day.

    TEACHERS: There are also teachers who fight tooth and nail against parental rights. For them, it is an issue of having to listen to a parent who objects to what and how their child is being taught. It means providing alternative lessons and, in some cases, exposing the fact that a teacher may be teaching something not in the approved curriculum, like gender ideology or political activism. If you don't think it is happening in your child's school, you're wrong. Even schools in our small, local district have teachers pushing children to alter their gender. These young people are allegedly influenced by one or two teachers who buy into the trans agenda.

    Why would these teachers do this when it is harmful to their students? Some of them believe they are doing the right thing. Others are damaged adults who need "affirmation" of their lifestyles from children.

    Parental rights expose teachers who aren't working at all, who have nefarious motives or who are incompetent. This exposure is what happened during pandemic lockdowns when children were restricted to online classes. That's when parents started to see the importance of their rights more clearly.

    PARENTS: Surprisingly, there are even parents who fight parental rights. Why would they fight against power they could have over their own child’s education and medical decisions? Some fight because they have been led to believe that parental rights are NOT for them. They believe that parental rights are against children and they should let the government be the parent.

    It couldn’t be any further from the truth. Governments don't truly value each child any more than they value individual citizens. They see children as a commodity, a chess piece in a dangerous game of political chicken. The government cannot love a parent's child. Parental rights laws give ALL parents, the people who love and value their children, the right to know and object to what is happening to their child. After all, is there any parent who doesn’t want to protect their child from actions that are harmful? I don’t think so.

    But, there are those parents who would prefer someone else raise their children and tell their children what to think. They are the lazy, self-absorbed parents who see their children as an annoyance rather than a wonderful gift. Sad but true.

    Parental rights are not a panacea. There are always bumps in the road when we consider the rights of everyone, not just a few.

    Parents can’t know everything going on with their child throughout the day at school. Even with “opt outs” there will be lessons and teachers’ opinions that children will be exposed to that parents may not agree with but will never know about. Most children don’t come home and tell Mom and Dad everything that happens in the school day. Parents have to stay involved, ask questions and listen.

    School systems say that parental rights will cause classrooms and teachers to be overrun with parents who want things done their way. This is a red herring argument since most parents are too busy working and running households to come to parent conference nights, much less to hang out at the classroom door to micromanage teachers. But, they are not too busy to love and raise their children.

    Having the process available for parents to see curriculum and to give input to teachers on issues they find important is vital to home and school cooperation. This cooperation helps our students do better academically and emotionally. When I was teaching, we were told to collaborate with parents as much as possible. Teachers should be willing to participate in parental rights as part of a very important collaboration. After all, it will help them do their jobs better. Judging from recent Maryland test scores, they need that help.

    Parental rights will allow you to go in and ask what is happening with your child in terms of counseling, academics, medical treatment, discipline, etc. without having to submit expensive Freedom of Education Act inquiries or engage an expensive lawyer. Schools and other entities will start to view parents as valued, respected partners.

    Parental rights will be there as the guardrail that will keep schools and governments from running rough shod over the beliefs, rights and values of parents and students. In many ways it will protect our precious young people from those who wish to manipulate or exploit them. Parents and guardians, the people who love them the most, will be able to stand guard.

    Which is why I don’t understand why Progressives, who want to be seen as champions of protecting those who they see as vulnerable, aren’t joining in the parental rights cause.

    Because parental rights will protect them and their children also.



    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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