• The Very Big Problem In Maryland

    October 18, 2023

    A few days ago I went into great detail about the massive problem the Maryland Board of Elections has with ES&S Electronic Voting Systems / Machines that have never been properly or legally certified according to the established requirements under Maryland or Federal law.

    I explained that even if they has been properly certified to begin with (THEY WERE NOT), there still remained several VERY BIG problems. The next issue that the Maryland Board of Elections had was the fact that the addition to modems and network devices VOIDED the EAC Certification for the ENTIRE VOTING SYSTEM that they used to administer elections in EVERY SINGLE Maryland County.

    This VOID CERTIFICATION of the ENTIRE ES&S Voting System includes the very same county that the United States Election Assistance Commission calls home. Yes, you read that correctly. The United States Election Assistance Commission is located at 1335 East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Talk about embarrassing…

    What is going on in Maryland? Do the people who work at the United States Election Assistance Commission realize that live in Maryland care that the elections in their home state was conducted on voting systems that were VOID IN THEIR ENTIRETY?

    How does a member of the Maryland Board of Elections or a member of any of the various Board of Elections throughout Maryland legally certify an election conducted on a voting system that has a VOID EAC certification?

    Is illegally certifying an election a crime?

    What does this mean for all of these Maryland Board of Elections members?

    Is it incompetence?

    Is it neglect of duty?

    Is it part of the vast nationwide election fraud RICO enterprise funded by the money laundering Smurf enterprise that we first uncovered in Washington State, then Oklahoma, then Florida, then Georgia, then Missouri, the Maryland, then Wisconsin, then Arizona, then New York, then Pennsylvania, and so on…

    Is there any reason why Linda Lamone, the former head of the Maryland Election Fraud Mafia might have abruptly announced her retirement after the “NEW FACTS & EVIDENCE” were presented in the Gibson v Maryland case and we exposed the smurfs in Maryland?

    If someone knows Linda be sure to remind her that retiring early does not absolve her of criminal or civil liability. Speaking of criminal liability, does anyone still know if this participant in the widespread election fraud mafia is still on the Board of Advisors for the United States Election Assistance Commission?

    WAIT? WHAT? The woman who oversaw the illegal certification of ES&S voting machines in the State of Maryland was on the Board of Advisors for the EAC?

    How was she not aware?

    How did she not know that what she had done was ILLEGAL? SHE IS ON THE EAC BOARD AS OF APRIL 2023…

    She knew…That’s why she “ABRUPTLY RETIRED”.

    Does anyone know who the carriers are for the Fidelity Bonds and insurance policies used to cover the misdeeds of the public servants and elected officials who administer elections in Maryland?

    We did public records requests to the various Maryland Board of Elections throughout the state for clarification on whether or not they received the required notification by ES&S about their EAC certifications for their voting systems being VOID IN THEIR ENTIRETY by attaching modems or network devices. Sadly, the do not want to comply with our requests.

    They also ALL refuse to provide the “PUBLIC RECORDS” related to the “AUDIT LOGS” that are automatically generated in the course of their conducting elections within the State of Maryland. You can expect to see some more litigation happening there very shortly.

    This paints them into quite a corner. These illegal denials for “PUBLIC RECORDS” under Maryland law help establish that their actions were wilful and intentional. Quite often the cover up makes the initial problem so much worse. Wilful blindness doctrine is a real thing. It does establish “INTENT” and that is necessary to be able to successfully prosecute and win legal battles.

    Those behind the illegally administered “SELECTIONS” in Maryland should be gravely concerned.

    As should the citizens and voters of Maryland whose right to cast ballots in the past elections were illegally interfered with.

    There is currently an active cover up going on in Maryland to conceal the numerous felonies, frauds and actual TREASON that has occurred in Maryland by elected and public officials apparently in all levels of government.

    What do you call overthrowing a constitutional government through unlawful means?

    The people of Maryland need to have a come to Jesus talk with the people administering the elections there, don’t you think?

    Urge them to repent of their sins, turn from their wicked ways…

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    Terry Sullivan

    So much fraud…but everywhere it’s exposed it goes nowhere. Too much complicity, denial and apathy. Lindell’s verging on bankruptcy as the overwhelming evidence he has in possession still needs its day in court. 15TB of packet captures proving the CCP’s direct involvement in destroying our 2020 election. Remember the late night episode of the count stopping in the battleground states? Same times the hack was occurring. But no DA or AG cares. No sheriffs care. And now we are close to 3 years later

    Carol Stafford

    I disagree with one thing you said: "Nobody cares"....These corrupt people do know, this is intentional, .planned out for years. Biden's comment: "We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." True, they do and now the woman in the Georgia election who stuffed 15,000 ballots into the election just testified in court they know what they are doing and doesn't matter, nobody is going to help. They're paid off.


    The author is, once again, in over his head. Nice research, but he obviously knows nothing about the efforts of the citizens of MD up to this point.

    Chris Gleason

    The author is not over his head. There are some good citizens in Maryland. The author is working with them to help expose the corruption there. Perhaps, you are over your head or you are part of the 7% that have no problem with election fraud as long as it's for "YOUR PERSON". The easiest way to "PROVE" the innocence of the associated parties is for the full unredacted audit logs to be made public. Why is there so much resistance to doing their legally mandated duty to perform? Hiding something?


    Can you share some of what you know with us who do not know so that we can do something about it?

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