• Special Exemption Request Could Set Bad Precedent For City Of Easton's Comprehensive Plan

    April 15, 2023
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    Guest post by John Franczak

    Derek Daly's Aspire, LLC proposed 162 apartments development would have a complete adverse effect on the established character and safety of the Hunter's Mill, Matthewstown Run and Bret Ridge neighborhoods.

    Zoned single family housing, the proposed project does not conform to the city of Easton's Comprehensive Plan relating to design and performance standards. The Proposed does not conform on several levels: from design,to set backs, to height restrictions and to zoning.

    The danger to the city's Comp Plan is precedent! Allowing a developer to come into Easton and ignore existing zoning and get a special exemption to build whatever they want, wherever they want, regardless of zoning would set a precedent to destroy the Comp Plan and thus ruin the city of Easton's status as one of the top small towns in the country.

    If you look at the plan that was approved over 15 years ago the plot in question is phase 2 of Hunter's Mill which was approved by the city to build about 25 single family houses. Attached is the original platte that was approved by the city.You will notice that there are only a few buildable lots in the questioned area and the rest is marsh lands and Chesapeake watershed.

    This project along with already approved 120 apartments on Elliott and 200 plus homes by D R Horton single family houses will add a dramatic increase in traffic to Matthewstown Rd and absolutely destroy  the safety and character of Camac street and Hunter's Mill. We ask that the Zoning Board honor the Comprehensive Plan and deny the special exemption.

    Please voice your opposition to this special exemption meeting on Tuesday, April 18th , 9 A.M. at the city of Easton:

    Town Office
    14 S. Harrison St.
    Council Chambers
    Easton MD. 21601

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