• Dylan Mulvaney Is Dangerous To Young Women

    April 13, 2023

    How His Offensive Ad for Nike is Destroying Our Girls

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    By now many people have seen Bud Lite’s disastrous advertising campaign in which a man puts on “woman face” and performs a “minstrel” act that is as offensive as any White person in Black face during Vaudeville. He minces and prances, speaks in a hushed voice meant to mimic a teenaged girl, and talks about the great time he has with his “girlhood” and “girlfriends “at slumber parties, etc. First of all, no adult woman talks like this. Heck, even most teenage girls don’t talk like this. 

    It’s not only offensive, but it is promoting an age-old stereotype of women being silly, vacuous, stupid creatures who only care about their lipstick, hair and fingernails. As many women are pointing out, it is setting women’s rights back decades. 

    On top of that is something worse about this horrible human being. If you haven’t seen this Nike ad yet, be prepared to be even more disgusted. The Nike ad begins at 1:44 in this video which begins with Dylan’s Bud Light ad. 

    Dylan Mulvaney ads for Bud Light and Nike (dailycommercials.com)

    If you can stomach the whole thing, you are a much stronger person than I am. Watching this deranged, pathetic person pretend to be a “woman” makes me sick to my stomach. 

    Beyond that is something even more revolting. 

    As a gymnastics professional coach, judge, and national officer in my past, I remember the horrible fight we had in our sport against eating disorders in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Young women were told that in order to be a successful gymnast, they had to maintain a certain body type. It wasn’t a strong, muscular, shapely body but a boyish, breastless, skinny body type. See any similarities to what Nike has just thrown out there in their ad?

    For these athletes, puberty was the enemy. Many of them had coaches who carefully monitored their food and workouts to make sure they didn’t begin their menstrual cycle for that would be the end of the boyish figure and their gymnastics success. There were weigh ins daily. Ask any athlete who competed for the Russians, Romanians or, here in the United States, the Karolyis and several other coaches.

    Many developed eating disorders like anorexia and bulemia. Some died. Christy Henrich was one of them.

    Disorder Consumed Her Life : Gymnastics: Former elite athlete Christy Henrich gave in to fatal disease that destroyed her. – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

    Christy was an international competitor who was told that if she was a few pounds lighter she would be a World Champion. She was told that her weight was keeping her from winning. So, like any dedicated, driven athlete, she tried to achieve the same skinny body type as the one Nike is now hyping with the Mulvaney ad by not eating and endlessly working out. In the end it killed her. 

    The gymnastics community worked hard to fight the stereotype of the acceptable, boy like body type their athletes were encouraged to have. Athletes like Dominique Dawes, Jamie Danstcher, Simone Biles and Ali Raisman were just a few who presented a healthier, more womanly body as they competed. They were all very successful. Suddenly, skinny and rail thin was NOT the standard for winning in gymnastics. Healthy was in. 

    Unfortunately, USA Gymnastics allowed other abuse of these athletes at the hands of a team doctor. But one even wonders if the eating disorders and abuse were somehow connected. Was the desire to win and be perfect the factor that caused athletes to accept things they shouldn’t have accepted? Were they convinced by an evil man that his “treatment” was just fine? I think they were. He was a master manipulator whose campaign convinced these girls he could help them win and that what he did wasn’t wrong. 

    Now, in 2023, Nike puts this image of “girlhood” out in an ad. This skinny, prancing, disgusting imitation of a woman working out is setting a new low standard of subliminal influence over women. It is making women hate their bodies all over again. It’s the same kind of manipulation that Dr. Larry Nassar used.

    The stakes are even higher and more devastating now. Not eating enough and exercising yourself to death is a horrible fate. Nothing rivals being sexually molested by a trusted doctor. Now as girls try to imitate Dylan in his Nike sports bra and tights, there is an “easier” if not more consequential method to gain the body image they think they want. The medical and mental health establishment are out there pushing it while big corporations promote it. 

    We have hormone blockers to keep puberty from coming. We have cross hormone therapy. * And, of course, we have surgery to remove breasts to create the wraith like physique. All of this is dangerous in so many ways and the long-term effects of these treatments on quality of life, fertility, etc. are horrific. 

    Young teenaged girls will be subjected to drug and surgery sales pitches that rival the most accomplished snake oil salesman. “If we keep you from developing now, you will never have to worry about any of the horrors of being a woman later.” Many will succumb, many will live in lifelong regret. 

    23-year-old woman to Tucker: I regret transitioning as a teen – Bing video

    As the woman in the interview says, girls are “incentivized” to get this treatment. She speaks about “gender dysphoria” and eating disorders. It sounds so much like the body dysmorphia that female athletes in many sports had. 

    And now Nike, who gives lip service to accepting female bodies of all types, puts out this ad campaign that will set the image and the psychology of women back decades. It’s much the same way that male athletes competing as females have set women’s sports back to pre-Title IX days. 

    And women will die because of it. They will die of eating disorders. They will commit suicide when they discover what they have done to themselves after surgery and hormone treatments. Nike and Dylan, among others, will be culpable. 

    Let’s not forget one more thing. Remember that USA Gymnastics had a doctor who was sexually assaulting young female athletes? Many pedophiles prefer young children because of their gender-neutral bodies. Some will molest a young victim until that victim goes through puberty, and then will move on to another victim. Post puberty bodies are NOT what pedophiles desire. 

    Now, as this ad from Nike promotes a young boy like body as the ultimate female body, the pedophiles must be salivating. As young women watch this ad, they are now subject to body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, and eating disorders. When they find a way to get that body, they will make themselves more physically attractive to pedophiles and other sexual predators while being more vulnerable mentally. Fertile ground for repeated abuse. 

    Maybe that’s the point. 

    Has Nike thought this through carefully? As they negatively impact women with this fraudulent representation of “feminine beauty,” they will get young girls attacked by predators. Even worse, they will get them killed. Are getting high ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores are more important to them than human lives? 

    I hope it isn’t. But, if it is, and women are harmed or even die from this nonsense, I hope the victims sue both Nike and their womanface minstrel, Dylan Mulvaney. 

    Women deserve better than this. 

    One more question. Has anyone seen women acting like men advertising any products? Hmmmm….Nope. Think about it. 

    * treatment that allows for trans people to ​change their physical appearance to be more consistent with their gender identity. In this treatment, they receive hormones that may aid in redistributing body fat to different parts of the body and accelerate or slow body hair growth.

    Jan is a retired teacher and a current Chapter Chair for Moms for Liberty, Talbot

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    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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    Enword G. Robbinsome

    Trannyism is psychosis. hey need to be kept away from children. Lock them up, if necessary.

    David O'Dowd

    Sodom & Gomorrah have nothing on the current spate of these 'girls' who now feel that to be successful one must look wraithlike and act like a twit. I submit that over the coming few years we will see a true spike in those taking their own lives.

    R Finley

    One can sew wings on a pig however...its still a pig.


    Good commentary but missing one important point. This freak has millions of adoring followers - virtually all females. If he is successfully destroying women and girls it's because women and girls are happily supporting and encouraging him. Would that they showed the good sense to laugh him off the world stage. Until they do so he and others like him will just keep getting worse.


    If women pattern themselves after this freak then they have reached the bottom of the barrel of crappy smelly dog doo.


    How are some people so insane that they are trying so hard to present female impersonators as legitimate females ? Why are they trying so hard to have us believe a lie ?!?! Dear Lie-beral Demonocrats: WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR BULLSHIT. Accept the fact that you're mentally ill. Seek help.

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