• Larry Hogan Claims His Maryland Senate Race Most Important In The Country

    June 21, 2024
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    Former Governor and Current Senate Candidate Larry Hogan mingled with donors Tuesday, June 18.

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    Maryland Republican Senate Candidate and Former Governor of Maryland, speaking at a fundraiser in Royal Oak, Maryland June 20th, characterized his senate race the most important race in the country.

    That's a pretty tall claim since this is a Presidential election year between two diametrically opposite candidates, current President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump.

    The fundraiser was sponsored by Scott Wagner and his wife Tracy. Wagner is a former Pennsylvania State Senator and gubernatorial candidate. The event was held at the Oaks Resort Hotel in Royal Oak, Maryland. Approximately 50 donors, many who pledged upwards of $1,000 each, attended the event.

    Hogan worked the crowd prior to addressing them, introducing himself and making small talk. Prior to the end of the event, he told the story of how and why he decided to run.

    Although he never intended to run for Senate as many asked him to in 2022, Hogan stated that he was approached in 2023 by many in Republican leadership and asked to run. Hogan was worried about his effectiveness as freshman Senator until supporters told Hogan he would be, "The most important guy in the Senate." They compared him to Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat who has swayed many votes and Democrat policy as a swing vote in the Senate.

    Hogan consulted his wife who reminded him that "politics are crazy." She told him it was better for them if he didn't run but she knew he would just continue to "sit here and yell at the television" if he didn't run.

    It was a conversation with former President George W. Bush who convinced him. Bush told him, " If Trump gets elected, you can help keep everything from going off the rails. If Biden wins you can keep things in balance."

    Hogan said he slept on it and decided. "I'm going to go up there and knock some sense into those guys."

    He got his campaign team together and with no plan, no bank account, they launched his campaign.

    "Immediately," Hogan stated, " This became the most important race in the country. I got in the race because I've never been more concerned. There are not enough grownups in D.C. The loudest and angriest voices get on Twitter."

    "I'll work with anyone. I won't just go down there to work with Donald Trump. I'm willing to stand up to the current President and the former President. I believe I can make a difference."

    Many in the room agree with Hogan, but there are many Republicans in Maryland who do not see him as a true Conservative willing to fight for what is right in D.C. He claims he is Chuck Schumer's nightmare. Others disagree.

    During the last Maryland gubernatorial campaign, Hogan definitely did not support Conservative Republican Dan Cox and went so far as to call him and his supporters, "fringe whackos." Instead, he was extremely supportive of current Maryland Governor Wes Moore. Many claim that Hogan never helped the "down ballot" Republicans during that election either.

    Hogan has also stated repeatedly that he will NOT endorse or support the presumptive Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump even though Trump has said he will "probably endorse Hogan." This has angered many of Trump's supporters who claim that electing Hogan will be no different from electing Democrat Angela Alsobrooks.

    In closing, Hogan said that in order to get elected to the Senate for Maryland, he will have to do what hasn't happened since 1980, when the last Republican Senator from Maryland, Charles Mathias, was elected.

    "I will need to win the votes of all the Republicans, most of the Independents, and some of the Democrats."

    That may be a Herculean Task unless Hogan mends some broken political fences quickly.

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    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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