• Another Swamp Decision - Trump Endorses Hogan

    June 15, 2024
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    True To Form, The Backstabber Hogan Says He Will Not Support Trump

    Image by Steve Kwak

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    In a move that is somewhat surprising, President Donald Trump endorsed Maryland's Larry Hogan for Senate on Friday, June 14. Hogan is running against Democrat Angela Alsobrooks.

    This is despite Hogan being very clear about how much he despises and will not support Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Trump said:

    “I’d like to see him win. I think he has a good chance to win. … I know other people made some strong statements, but I can just say from my standpoint, I’m about the party and I’m about the country. And I would like to see him win,”

    According to a clip of the interview aired by Fox News on Thursday, Trump was asked if he was endorsing Hogan.

    “Well, nobody’s asked me that, but essentially, I would be endorsing him, yeah,” the former president said.

    Hogan's campaign stated that the Maryland Republican will NOT support Trump, “Governor Hogan has been clear he is not supporting President Trump just as he didn’t in 2016 and 2020.”

    This kind of turncoat behavior is nothing new for Hogan. His political career is filled with self-serving actions and refusals to help other Republicans to get elected in Maryland. Thin skinned and petulant, he spurns those who don't march to his political tune while embracing progressive Democrats like Maryland's current Governor, Wes Moore.

    Hogan was famous for excoriating and dismissing the viewpoints of his voter base in Maryland when they called him out for his tyrannical actions during the 2020 pandemic.

    For many Republicans, the Senate election will be another case of holding one's nose and voting for a candidate who is not a true Conservative. Conservative voters know Hogan will betray their trust time after time if elected. Many have stated they will not vote for him or Alsobrooks. Hogan, however, will count on crossover votes from Democrats who believe his self-portrayal as a man who does what is right for the people.

    There are many conservative voters who know otherwise.

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