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    June 8, 2024
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    This is not about ALL teachers. It is about SOME teachers, probably one to two percent of teachers.

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    When I began teaching, it was a different time. Not only were female teachers expected to wear nylons if they wore a dress, but all male teachers were required to wear a tie. We were expected to be professional in our approach to both students and parents. And we were expected to teach academics.

    We were also expected to keep our personal lives out of the classroom for the most part. Sure, kids knew if we were married and had children or were single. They knew the details about our lives that anyone could find out without trying hard. We were told not to go out to bars where our students and/or their families might be. No one wanted drunk teachers making fools of themselves in public where kids and parents could see.

    If you talked about your sex life in class you probably wouldn't last very long.

    We were also instructed NOT to let our political beliefs bleed into classroom instruction. One assistant superintendent said, " No political bumper stickers on your cars." Meanwhile his truck had a huge sign in the back for a county council candidate who was elected and then, strangely, worked for the school system.

    But I made a point of being non-partisan. I listened to students give their opinions without judgement or imposition of my views on them. It was hard to do sometimes because teenagers don't always know what they don't know. We were serious about our jobs and felt that it was a sacred trust given to us to give children the skills they needed to be successful.

    My, how times have changed. Not only do teachers share their personal information, but they have this driving need to be "affirmed" by their students.

    As you listen to this teacher, you realize that she has switched roles with her students. Instead of being the adult in the room who teaches and helps them, she is now the child seeking approval for her personal choice. This perverts the role of a teacher. A teacher is there to provide students with an education, not to present their own lifestyle for "affirmation." This would not be acceptable for any adult regarding ANY of their sexual activities or preferences.

    Why? Because adults won't play a part in her drama. If she could get adults to "affirm" her or if she was comfortable with who she is, she wouldn't need to involve her students. She is a damaged person teaching our children how to be damaged adults.

    Some will say she is being a "role model." A role model of what? Weakness? Confusion? Mental illness?

    Just to be fair, I don't care if this teacher was asking to be affirmed because she is heterosexual or a Catholic or an overeater. It's simply not appropriate.

    Some teachers don't care about being affirmed; they want attention. Here is an example of a teacher from Baltimore County, Maryland:

    Truth Details | Truth Social

    This person teaches in the Baltimore County Public Schools and also claims to be a "stand-up comic". We had a picture of her a couple of years ago as she taunted taxpayers that she could teach and do whatever she wanted in her public-school classroom:

    Report about her from FOX 45 from December 2022:

    Baltimore Co. teacher jokes about 'indoctrinating' students with taxpayer dollars (foxbaltimore.com)

    After parents reported this teacher to administration, she was moved to another school. That didn't stop her from promoting her attitudes. She was back recently telling people to sign up for a Parental Power Summit in Baltimore County so that they would take spots away from people who wanted to attend:

    Alexa Sciuto | Call the Sheraton, no show, and protest if you’re up for it! @weddingsbysbn Cancel this. | Instagram

    And then she put up a post with an implied threat against the Carroll County Chairman of Moms for Liberty:

    Kit Hart, the woman who was threatened, posted, "Ironic how the people who consider “misgendering” someone as violence think it’s perfectly fine to 'joke' about murdering someone they hate."

    Unfortunately for the Baltimore County teacher, several state officials got word of this implied threat and wrote this letter to the Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent:

    It has been rumored that she was asked to "resign" from her teaching position. Here is a comment regarding this from author Stephen Wallis:

    This poisonous individual violated her professional responsibilities in countless ways and should have been fired. The superintendent and school board showed a complete lack of character and allowed her to “resign” so she may infect another community's students, parents, and colleagues. These kinds of poor decisions often include a “quiet” letter of recommendation.

    BCPS staff earn no praise for this result; they should be excoriated for the degree to which they continue to cultivate the poisonous DEI mantra among captive audiences in each school community. These unhappy, insecure, and ungrateful deniers of American exceptionalism would do well to take a page from a book...

    “As for the promotion (read teaching) of woke radical gender and sexuality viewpoints [including those of rogue staff], leave such topics to parents, who raise and educate their children according to their own beliefs and values.

    “School districts have no legal or moral standing to usurp parents’ rights, and parents neither cede nor lose those rights at the schoolhouse gate.

    It is confounding that school systems and political policymakers continue not to understand that our schools should be about promoting excellence in teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, revolving around ideas and values that are rooted in truth, historical fact, and principles that enrich America and embrace a meaningful sense of patriotism.”

    Regarding the suggestion that they take a page from a book….don’t hold your breath.

    Stephen Wallis, Dead Last: The Triumph of Character, Passion, and Teamwork in Education

    Here's a link to his book: Dead Last: The Triumph of Character, Passion, and Teamwork in Education: Wallis, Stephen: 9781637695746: Amazon.com: Books

    Here is more information regarding this teacher and other teachers who bragged about indoctrinating students: (FOX)

    Baltimore teacher brags about 'indoctrinating' students with taxpayer money: 'Put the taxes in the bag' | Fox News

    One teacher on the Facebook thread commented that she was embarrassed to have people like this woman in the teaching profession. That's how a majority of teachers feel. They come to work each day to do the best for their students, not to impose any political or gender ideology on them.

    The question is, where will this woman go now to teach? With a teacher shortage and her rumored "resignation" it's likely that a county somewhere will hire her and she will continue with her indoctrination of children. School district HR departments should always be careful about who they hire.

    UPDATE: She worked for the system for two years after the first incident. She had been transferred to another school. It is unclear whether she has resigned or not at this time because we hear conflicting statements.

    Maryland Districts Start Year Understaffed

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    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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    a whole generation of snaky little poop throwers and perverts, how wonderful

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