• Cargo Ship Dali To Be Refloated On Monday

    May 19, 2024
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    Image is public domain from the NTSB.

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    Six weeks ago the Cargo Ship Dali rammed the Frances Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, destroying the bridge, killing six workers on the bridge, and closing the busy port. Since that time, debris has been removed from the water and the ship. Officials have committed to building another bridge at the cost of $1.7 to $1.9 billion dollars. Congress is working on an appropriation bill to cover the cost. The proposed date for completion is 2028.

    The City of Baltimore and several victims are filing suit for damages against the ship's ownership.

    An official investigation of the incident is being conducted by the NTSB and the FBI. Power outages on the ship prior to the collision. According to Jennifer Homendy, the chair for the National Transportation Safety Board, The two power outages on the Dali happened on March 26th, right before the ship crashed into the Key Bridge. When the ship was just over half a mile from the bridge, a breaker unexpectedly tripped. The crew was able to briefly restore power, but then another breaker tripped causing the second outage. While there was an emergency generator that started after the first blackout, that generator does not power propulsion, so Homendy said the ship was essentially drifting.

    On Monday, May 20th, officials will offload over 1.25 million gallons of water from the ship that added to replace the weight of bridge debris that was remove from the Dali last week. They will also enlist divers to inspect the ship to make sure all wreckage from the left side of the bridge has been removed before moving ahead.

    Mooring and anchor lines will be released on Sunday while tugboats stand by to guide the ship when it heads towards the port. Around 2 a.m. Monday morning, the ship will be fully released and begin traveling 2.5 miles to the port at a speed of 1 mph. Six tugboats will go with it to assure it gets to the port safely.

    The time was set to coincide with high tide to aid in the transit.

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    Parts of this article were sourced from the BALTIMORE BANNER.

    Key Bridge update: Officials plan to refloat Dali cargo ship in Baltimore - The Baltimore Banner



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