• The Illusion Of Privacy

    March 30, 2024
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    From Chronicles:

    A recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast featured computer scientist, Ray Kurzweil, who is now working “to bring natural language understanding to Google.” Rogan and Kurzweil discussed many aspects of today’s accelerating technological progress, including artificial intelligence, but there was one exchange that stood out.

    Rogan introduced the subject of privacy, which seems to be more and more difficult to attain. By themselves, our phones are, in Rogan’s words, “a little spy that you carry around with you.” Perhaps Rogan’s words sound paranoid, but if you tune in you will see that he presents evidence and cogent arguments to back up this assertion, not just rehashed conspiracies or speculation. This question of privacy is a significant one and in areas of life that impact all of us. These phone “spies” may not be spies in the traditional sense, however, these omnipresent devices, and the that way we use them, are set up to gather data that allegedly improves our “personalized experience” of the Internet.

    Kurzweil, a pioneer in his field, reacted to Rogan’s questions about privacy with evident confusion. Far from giving the impression of being a cutting-edge technological guru, Kurzweil appeared more like a senile, retired professor, out of touch with time and reality. As Rogan presented one point after another showing how our privacy is affected by the decisions of our tech overlords, Kurzweil kept repeating the same line: “We have an ability to keep total privacy on a device.” (Read more.)

    From Standing for Freedom:

    Hochul’s plans drew criticism from some who called the effort unconstitutional and totalitarian. Robby Starbuck, who hosts a podcast, posted on X: “Democrat NY Gov. Kathy Hochul says that her team is ‘collecting data’ from ‘surveillance efforts’ on social media to combat ‘hate speech’ so people ‘feel safe’. She might as well tear up our constitution, it would be a faster way to get the point across that she’s violating it.”

    Last month, Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams demanded that social media platforms monitor speech and shut down “incitements to violence,” with Adams insisting, “These guys are experts. If they don’t want to do their job of policing themselves, I really believe it’s time for the federal government to step in.”

    The calls come as Europe ramps up censorship of alleged hate speech, including pressuring X owner Elon Musk to censor the posts of online users. Many European nations now have laws that have made the expression of religious beliefs to be viewed as banned speech. This week Finnish Member of Parliament (MP) Päivi Räsänen and a Lutheran bishop were acquitted after four years of trials and investigations simply for sharing the biblical view on marriage and sexuality. And in the U.K., an Army veteran will soon be tried for silently praying for his deceased son outside of an abortion clinic. (Read more.)


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    Mary-Eileen Russell

    Mary-Eileen Russell grew up in the countryside outside of Frederick, Maryland, "fair as the garden of the Lord" as the poet Whittier said of it. She graduated in 1984 from Hood College in Frederick with a BA in Psychology, and in 1985 from the State University of New York at Albany with an MA in Modern European History. She is the author of six books under the pen name of "Elena Maria Vidal." She lives in Talbot County, MD with her family.
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