• Why School "Restorative Practices" Are Destructive

    March 29, 2024
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    Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition

    School districts across Maryland use "Restorative Practices," a term derived from Restorative Justice Practices. As a result of political word semantics, "Justice" was removed to conceal the true intent behind the term to make it sound reasonably acceptable and palatable within a sugar coating. Its methodology is that and a bag of chips, falling short of a happily ever after ending in its implementation.

    Lou Taylor, Superintendent of Worcester County Public Schools made a statement embracing Restorative Practices, which we have also heard in verbatim statements from other superintendents across Maryland. At the same meeting where the statement was made, the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition responded, while cautioning the board of the destructive ideology of these practices.

    Watch this 2 minute video and listen carefully:

    What did the Superintendent say? Equity Lens & Whole Child?

    Taylor admitted to applying an "Equity Lens" in their implementation of Restorative Practices. When he mentions "Whole Child," he assumes the role of the school as a foster parent to take responsibility of a child's upbringing in place of the parent.

    "Equity Lens" means that they look at physical and social attributes in carrying out discipline through a system of double standards based on the attributes of race, sexuality, socio-economic, religion, or identity. This means partiality in judgement - making exceptions for some and not others, when or if discipline is to be applied.

    "Whole Child" refers to the school seeing that a child in every aspect of his or her life is the responsibility of the school, and they get to decide what a child needs. This goes for their values of right and wrong, political correctness, discipline, humanism to replace religion, food, transportation, acceptance of certain behaviors, imaginary rights independent of their parents, sexuality, directing identity, teaching a child that America is a democracy (when it's a Republic), and guiding in decisions based on feelings and desires.

    What is Maryland's definition of Restorative Practices?

    "Restorative Practices” means practices conducted in a whole-school ethos or culture that supports peacemaking and solves conflict by building a community and addressing harm in a school setting and that are conducted by trained staff, focuses on repairing the harm to the community through dialogue that emphasizes individual accountability, and helps build a sense of belonging, safety, and social responsibility in the school community."

    That sounds reasonably good and logical. Doesn't it?

    In 2018, Comar 13A.08.01.11 was adopted in 2018 to reduce the number of suspensions, expulsions, and how disciplinary actions are handled, including the use of Restorative Practices in schools. This legislates a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach.

    The "'why" is never addressed. Restorative Practices does reduce the number of suspensions, expulsions, arrests, and juvenile referrals not because it's effective, but because it's designed to downplay, minimize, and prevent reporting in the name of "social justice."

    What's to restore?

    If an individual attacks a victim, the harm is done. Although wounds may physically heal, there is often times scarring. Emotional trauma does not erase as though it never happened. It's good to make every effort to try and make amends, but it's not always possible. Sometimes the attacker is not sorry for the irreversible harm that has caused damage or has even taken a life. If the attacker is sorry, that's great. In the end, the school system wants the attacker and the victim to shake and make up, often with little to no consequence to the attacker.

    When it comes to addressing the behavior of the attacker, what exactly is there to be restored? Past actions of an individual cannot be undone, and you cannot go back in time. There can only be rehabilitation, a word that they don't like to use. Restorative Practices cannot restore, and it always comes at the expense of the victim. This is not to be confused with forgiveness, which we are absolutely called to do. The school system should call it making peace, because it's not restoration.

    Social Justice has changed. What has it become?

    Social justice is not the justice of the bible or the legal system. Social justice has been redefined. The real definition of Social Justice is: The fair treatment of all people in a society. However, Social Justice has been completely redefined to mean something entirely different being integrated with ideology known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) or its rebranded form called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DIE). This takes race into account, and becomes ambiguously critical of it. Social Justice has been redefined as receiving what one wants/demands without having any standards, boundaries, morality, laws, respect for others, consequences, or God. Equality and fairness is eliminated and replaced with "Equity," which is an unfair system of taking from some and giving to others without being earned. The corrupt meaning of social justice tips the scale of justice with partiality.

    If you have not read this past article, we encourage you to do so to get a better understanding. I Have A Nightmare: Systemic Racial Disparities In Schools and It's By Design

    Blind-eye reporting and double standards in discipline is nothing new, and has been going on for years under Affirmative Action. It just wasn't until 2018 that it was legislated in Maryland as a result of social justice activism and BLM working the state legislators.

    Agitating race and victimhood are big business. This includes grants, book deals, consulting contracts, curriculum - you name it. Many are in on it (politicians, unions, activists) and their reaping the benefits at the expense of our children's education and social wellbeing.

    Source: https://marylandeducators.org/grants-support-black-lives-matter-at-school/

    The State of Maryland and the teachers' unions have embraced this, which gives them more power and control over a dumbed down and self-destructive society. If you're a teacher and a union member, you're owned. You give your money to them, you're told what to do, what to teach, and what to believe. It's no longer about education to them. It's about using the vocation of teaching for political activism, power, and control.

    If you have not read this past article, we encourage you to do so to get a better understanding. Schools That Embrace BLM Are Systemically Racist

    At the end of the video, the Worcester County BOE was asked to apply their ideology of Restorative Practices to "restore the harm that's been done to their relationship with the community, the Sheriff, and the State's Attorney," which they continue to exclude in conversations to collectively address and improve school safety. Crickets...

    Regard for God, America, the Constitution, law, civil order, morality, respect, dignity, and integrity have been severely degraded, and it's by design. Consequences have been removed, and a system of double standards have been established. Meanwhile, those in the church and in the community have allowed it. The majority of parents and resident-taxpayers remain silent, including pastors. All of our children are being segregated by the system, and communities are being divided. We need to be united as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Until then, attackers will be made to be the victim, while they continue to be coddled, empowered, and rewarded with a bag of chips. Kids need real consequences and discipline. Restorative Practices continues down a path of societal destruction only if we allow it. An election is on the horizon.

    Fellows & Editors

    March 29, 2024 

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