• Two Massive Migrant Tent Cities Exposed In NYC

    March 22, 2024
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    "Asylum seeking center" at Floyd Bennett Field. Source: YouTube screencap.

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    As reported in ZeroHedge, two huge, well-funded tent cities have been exposed in New York City. The facilities are reminiscent of FEMA rescue operations: long, white, dining hall proportion tents, and rows of generators. Inside: hundreds of cots and piles of personal belongings.

    The first facility is in Brooklyn on a former airstrip, Floyd Bennett Field. The second is on Randall's Island, tucked away in that joint in the East River where Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx snuggle up to each other. Dear reader: were you aware of either of these enormous, semi-permanent housing centers?

    Both of these centers make the Roosevelt Hotel look like child's play.

    Legality Of Site A Political Hot Potato

    The legal battle over using Floyd Bennett Field--a former regional airport--has simmered in the background for the past several months. A bipartisan group of New York legislators sued the city over the location of the center. They were surprised to learn that the court dismissed their case last week.

    The concern from the left arises from the fact that Floyd Bennett Field is in a flood zone. On the right, concern lingers over the fact that over 2,000 illegal immigrants are being housed near schools and taxpayer residences while draining city resources.

    Congratulations to @InfoUncensored on X for the great footage. We will continue to follow this story.

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