• Oxford Needs A Forensic Audit - Video By Scott Rensberger

    March 21, 2024

    Great video by nationally recognized journalist Scott Rensberger - Go to link posted below:

    Oxford needs a Forensic Audit (youtube.com)

    Links to Other Similar Oxford Stories from the Easton Gazette:

    Fear of Transparency: House Of Cards Collapsing In Oxford

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    All I can say is, take a look at Scott Rensberger's other videos where he evaluates rain water in Oxford. This dude obviously does not understand simple gravity, he questions why water flows from higher ground to his property (which is the lowest - AKA cheapest properties in town. In my opinion, if one does not understand that water flows downhill, the should not open their pie hole on politics. Scott should pack his soggy bags and move to a high rise in D.C.

    Jan Greenhawk

    Hey Daryl, thanks for your comment. So, are you saying that if people are wrong about one subject they shouldn't comment on other subjects? Wow. That would leave a lot of people silent on many issues, maybe even you. I guess you think all of us whose properties flood should "pack our soggy bags" and move
    somewhere else for we have said similar things about our neighborhoods as well. That would be sad for my husband and I since he has lived here his entire life. I also believe, having seen Scott's first video, that he was saying that the town was ignoring one of the two biggest flooding problems in the town, something others have said as well. So, maybe he wasn't wrong in his statement?

    Anyway, have a great day!


    I agree with Daryl

    Jan Greenhawk

    Thanks for your comments. Again, if people can only speak about one thing if they know about everything then many people won't be able to talk about anything.

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