• BOMBSHELL: Maryland County And State Board Of Elections Officials Have Conspired To Conceal State And Federal Election Records

    March 1, 2024
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    By Chris Gleason

    March 1, 2024

    Irrefutable Proof The Maryland Election Fraud Mafia Enterprise Conspired To Deprive Maryland Voters Rights... Why?

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    Why would “trusted election officials” do such a thing? The answer is quite simple. To hide the evidence that they interfered with hundreds of thousands Maryland voters casting ballots and having their votes counted accurately.

    Was it just to conceal their neglect of duty and incompetence?

    Was it something for nefarious like concealing the operations of the “Maryland Election Fraud RICO Enterprise”?

    In either case this is concealment of state and federal crimes and it is irrefutable evidence of their undermining the will of voters for their own personal benefit causing irreparable harm to Maryland voters and the legitimacy of the functioning of Maryland and Federal government.

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    This actual disenfranchisement of voters is the total disregard of and removal of the the consent by the governed. This activity has occurred in such a manner that it materially impacted every single election in Maryland since at least 2014.Subscribe

    This is a dire Constitutional crisis for Maryland and the United States of America, as the local, state and federal governments without the consent of the governed cease to be legitimate organizations.

    All government power comes from the consent of the governed.

    No consent of the governed = No legitimate government power

    This subversion of Maryland elections via the interference with voters casting ballots and the total disregards of the will of voters has opened up every single Maryland “elected” official to the prospect of immediate removal from office via a Quo Warranto action.

    Every single “elected judge” is subject to removal as they do not legitimate hold office due to the rampant and illegal altering of voters ballots in such volume that their elections were impacted.

    Do you think that a judge who benefited personally, professionally and financially from election fraud while voters rights have been violated has any right to make any ruling regarding the rule of law and administering justice?

    How can this be? How can this be possible?

    So many lives sacrificed… So many generations made truly immeasurable sacrifices for Americans right to vote, and for people of other nations right to vote in their elections.

    How many TRILLION$ of dollars of our tax money has been fed into furthering “FREEDOM” from tyranny overseas?Subscribe

    I have previously covered how the State of Maryland never legally certified their ES&S electronic voting systems according to Maryland election law statutes.

    I have also covered extensively, how even if by some obscure legal technicality or corrupt ruling by a compromised judge (who was a beneficiary of the election fraud mafia operation - like Judge Patricia Muscarella in Pinellas County Florida) the ES&S voting system’s federal certification by the EAC was void in its entirety.

    This was due to the fact that modems were attached to the DS200 Tabulators and these attached modems and/or “network devices” were in fact connecting via the internet.

    How has Maryland legally certified elections administered on electronic voting systems with no valid state or federal EAC Certification?

    The EAC cannot claim that they were not aware… They contacted ES&S about their illegally marketing DS200 Tabulators with modems as being EAC Certified to municipalities all across America.

    How many elections since 2014 were administered all across America using ES&S Voting Systems with modems and network devices attached?

    How could any election local, state or federal be legally certified using systems with no valid EAC Certification?

    Why has the ES&S manufacturer status with the EAC not been revoked and all of their systems certifications been revoked?

    The United State Election Commission (EAC) headquartered in Maryland is well aware of these facts. The EAC Board of Directors were notified and have chosen to do nothing. Why?

    Maybe, this is all just a big misunderstanding? Maybe it is bad information? Maybe it is disinformation?

    The easiest way to prove or disprove these “allegations” would be for Maryland to hand over all of the data and documents generated in the administration of their official duties related to the administration of elections. Full and total transparency would finally put to rest and concerns that “We the People” might have that our elections have been compromised by the very people entrusted to administer them.

    In a recent survey 93% of “ALL AMERICANS” polled regardless of political party, agreed that there should be “NO CHEATING” in our elections. Can you show me any other single issue today that 93% of ALL AMERICANS agree upon?

    So in the quest for transparency, I and a fabulous group of selfless patriots in Maryland made public records requests for the “Official Election Records” and “Public Records” related to Maryland elections. The responses from the various county board of elections officials and the Maryland State Board of Elections were that they had“No Responsive Records” for “Audit Logs” and “Machine Configuration Reports”.

    The problem for these “trusted election officials” is that according to both Maryland and Federal Election laws the concealment, alteration and destruction of “Election Records” is a felony. It is also a felony to conspire to conceal, alter and destroy election records.

    Q. Why would “trusted election officials” commit felonies to conceal “Election Records” and “Public Records”?

    A. Could it be to conceal a far larger crime? Like the interference of voters rights to cast their ballots in local, state and federal elections or the deprivation of rights under the color of law?

    Based on the hundreds of thousands of “100% Blank Ballots” being cast in Maryland that we discovered, in such scale that irrefutably altered all election outcomes, a full understanding of how this occurred needed to be flushed out.

    At first the Maryland election officials tried to claim that a “Blank Ballot”
    was not a “BLANK BALLOT”. This was despite the fact that all of the voting systems manufacturers clearly describe what a “Blank Ballot” is in their administrator and operators manuals.

    If this was not enough proof of official misconduct and corrupt practices by Maryland election officials in 2014 and 2016 a Maryland election official submitted a survey to the United States Election Assistance Commission.

    In both 2014 and 2016 Nikki Baines Charlson clearly defined what a “Blank Ballot” was, additionally defined were “Overvoted Ballot” and “Undervoted Ballot”.

    Although, the term “Blank Ballot” was not specifically defined by Maryland statute of regulation it was clearly defined by ES&S, Clear Ballot, Dominion and every other electronic voting system manufacturer.

    The term “Blank Ballot” was also clearly defined by the EAC located in Maryland upon whose “VOTING SYSTEM CERTIFICATION” the Maryland state certification rests upon. It is even defined in the CERTIFICATION and SCOPE Document.

    This scope document also shows that the use of Modems and Network Devices were NOT ALLOWED… Is this a smoking gun?

    The easiest way to discern if there were modems attached to the DS200 Tabulators would be to inspect the DS200 and DS850 “Machine Configuration Reports”. As they show exactly how these systems are intentionally configured. Such information shown would include modem connectivity, modem transmission of results, the handling of “Blank Ballots”, “Undervoted Ballots” and “Overvoted Ballots”.

    So a lawful request was made to every single county board of election administrator as well at the Maryland State Board of Elections directly.

    What was their response?

    They illegally claimed that they had “No Responsive Records”, yet again another count of concealing official election records. This response of “No Responsive Records” is an outright admission that they were not complying with Federal election records. It is also an admission of their non compliance with Federal Records Retention requirements.

    Is the concealment of federal election records a crime? YES

    Is the concealment of Maryland election records a crime? YES

    How many felonies do you think that they can commit before they are held accountable?

    A deeply concerned citizen from Maryland was kind enough to send me a copy of their county “Election Judge Manual”. In this manual it clearly shows that not only was there a responsive record to our requests. There was a responsive record for every single tabulator used to administer elections in every single county throughout the entire state of Maryland.

    We then made a series of public records requests to every single county board of elections for copies of their election judge manuals for the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024 elections.

    The email requests were shown being opened over a hundred times in each county by the end of the first day. Then there was silence. Then a few started to be forwarded to us. We also started receiving responses from counties demanding unreasonable amounts of money to “REDACT” information. Talbot County’s attempt to evade their duty to provide public records via an unreasonable charge was particularly egregious.

    Naturally, we inquired about what information that they were looking to redact/alter/conceal and attached a screenshot showing that the “Machine Configuration Reports” were automatically generated in the course of their official duties administering elections.

    Not only had Talbot County election officials conspired with the Maryland Board of Elections to conceal official election records, but they also conspired to lie about what a “Blank Ballot” was and the proof is in the Election Judge Manual for every single county in Maryland.

    WOW… Maryland’s Election Fraud Mafia has a really, really big problem. This problem is going to get even bigger. All of the information regarding the administration of Maryland elections… Clear and defined.

    Do we have enough evidence of neglect of duty, election crimes, corrupt practices and other state and federal crimes yet? How many tubulators do you think there are in use throughout the state of Maryland?

    Below is directly from one of the Election Judge Manuals that we obtained via public records requests. It clearly states that the Machine Configuration Report is generated, and it is to be attached to a copy of the “ZERO REPORT”.

    What happens to the “Machine Configuration Report” and the “ZERO REPORT”? All a person would need to do is refer to the “Election Judge Manual” to see.

    The image below clearly and definitively shows that the “Configuration Report” was “automatically generated” and the “Configuration Report” was printed in the course of the administration of elections. This is the definition of an “Election Record”.

    However, the even more incriminating information and irrefutable evidence of the Maryland Election Fraud RICO Conspiracy is the fact that every single Maryland Chief Election Judge was required to sign Zero Reports and Machine Configuration Reports”. They were also then required to submit the claimed “NO RESPONSIVE RECORDS” in a sealed envelope to the County Board of Elections.


    The generating, printing, signing of reports and attaching them to the “Scanning Unit Opening Integrity Reports” for every voting precinct throughout the entire state of Maryland is undeniable and irrefutable evidence that “Official Election Records” are being concealed in Maryland by election officials.

    What is in the “Machine Configuration Report” that they want to hide? We know because we have seen them and obtained them in other states. Anywhere these requests are being denied, there is massive fraud being concealed.

    Depriving voters of the right to cast ballots and have their votes counted accurately is a crime, it’s a felony punishable by 1 year in jail for each ballot interfered with.

    To deprive a voter of the right to correct their ballot if it was wrongly deemed being 100% blank is another crime altogether. It is also a violation of equal protection under the law.

    There is no such thing as Maryland elections. Maryland has selections.

    There is also undeniable evidence that the Maryland Attorney General and the Assistant Maryland Attorney General are also involved and have personally, financially and professionally benefitted from this massive election fraud RICO enterprise.

    The people of Maryland need to hold the “Selected Officials” who are responsible for this interference with voters casting ballots and the total disregard of the will of the voters accountable.

    All Maryland citizens should demand the immediate decertification of all voting systems in use in Maryland.

    All Maryland voters should demand the immediate decertification of at least the past two elections and demand a new special election be held to right this wrong.

    All Maryland citizens should demand that this new special election be held with one day voting, no vote by mail, photo ID required, paper ballots with serial numbers, hand marked, hand counted at the precinct level via livestream and recorded.

    Do you think that the outcomes of that special election would be different than previous ones?

    All Maryland citizens need to demand the immediate release of all “Election Records” and public records related to the use of these illegal voting machines.

    The people of Maryland need to personally call and email every single sheriff in every single county across Maryland and demand that those involved are arrested, charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    The people of Maryland need to demand the resignation of the Maryland State Board of Elections, the Maryland Attorney General, the Assistant Maryland Attorney General, and every single director in every single Maryland County Board of Elections.

    The people of Maryland need to show up at the EAC Headquarters in Maryland and demand that the EAC - Revoke the registration of ES&S as an approved manufacturer of voting systems and demand the immediate revocation of every single voting system by ES&S currently certified by the EAC before another election is compromised, another voter is disenfranchised and another Maryland or Federal election is illegally certified without the consent of the governed being considered.

    Will Maryland citizens choose to take any actions? Will golf and pickleball or the goings on at the homeowners association take a higher priority?

    Will the Maryland citizens choose to do nothing to take their state back?

    Are they afraid to say anything? Or is Maryland’s proximity to the deep state treasonous and seditious activities make them part of the 7% of Americans who have no problem with cheating in elections?

    This is the proverbial “Come to Jesus Moment” for Maryland voters and their “Public Servants”….

    How will they choose? How will you choose?

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