• A Parent's Nightmare

    February 21, 2024
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    When you meet Lisa G. your first impression is that of a strong, determined woman who will fight for the things she believes in. As you get to know her, you realize that her dogged determination is much more than just talk. She never gives up.

    It's truly a gift that she doesn't give up, because Lisa has had to face one of the most difficult things a parent would ever have to face; the mental problems of a child and a school system that does do nothing to help. Worse than that, they seem to be encouraging much of it.

    It's enough to make a lesser person throw up her hands and go curl up in a corner. Not Lisa.

    I was going to write Lisa's story, but then I found a video clip of her speaking on behalf of Delegate Lauren Arikan's bill, HB 722-Gender and Sex Transition Procedures. Here is the bill:

    I think Lisa tells her story much better than I could. Here is a link to her comments:


    Lisa is one of the bravest people I know. We need to support her and other parents suffering through the same situation.

    Lisa is the Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair in Howard County, Maryland.



    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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