• Worcester County Maryland: Gender-Identity Indoctrination Assignment Discovered

    February 10, 2024
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    It has been discovered that Worcester County Public Schools has implemented a program of gender-identity indoctrination in the district under the guise of "mental health." The school system is providing pubescent middle school children with "sexual scenarios" based on perceived identity, sexuality, and feelings at a vulnerable developmental stage when children are most confused and easily manipulated. This lesson suggests, normalizes, and requires students to affirm and accept gender-identity behaviors, lifestyles, and alternatives beyond two biological sexes in exchange for a grade. The exhibit link below was provided by a parent.


    Back in April, 2023, the majority of the board opposed the Maryland Comprehensive Health Framework, yet ironically and unnecessarily adopted it. You can view the evidence in this past article:

    Worcester County BOE Asked to Remove The Health Framework They Ironically Adopted Yet Opposed

    The assignment is the result of their actions. If you don't like what the school is teaching your child, please contact the board members below if you wish to express your concerns:

    Todd A. Ferrante, President, District 7 - [email protected]

    William E. Buchanan, Vice President, District 1 - [email protected]

    Donald C. Smack, Sr., District 2 - [email protected]

    Jon M. Andes, Ed.D., District 3 - [email protected]

    William L. Gordy, District 4 - [email protected]

    Elena J. McComas, District 5 - [email protected]

    Katie Addis, District 6 - [email protected]

    Want to Op-out your child from Family Life & Human Sexuality? Click here for instructions

    Want to remove your child from public school with an alternative? How To Exit Public School

    Fellows & Editors

    February 8, 2024

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