• HB373 Submitted To Amend The Maryland Constitution To Lower Voting Age To 16 In School Board Elections

    February 10, 2024
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    Maryland House Bill 373 was submitted by a delegate to amend the Maryland Constitution to lower the voting age to 16 in board of education elections. Currently, the Maryland Constitution Article I, Section 1 states that a citizen must be age 18 to vote in elections. This bill has an agenda and designed to do three things: act as a Segway to lower the voting age in all elections in the state of Maryland, undermine and bypass parental rights to empower children to challenge parental authority and to give them rights that they do not posses before they are legal adults, and to sway the vote of school boards by indoctrinated, developing children who are void of understanding. The schools would be used as political machines to influence children, manipulate, and sway the vote for societal control.

    The complete bill can be found here: https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2024RS/bills/hb/hb0373F.pdf

    Passage of this bill would be devastating to society. Please contact your senator(s) and ask them to OPPOSE HB373. To find your senator(s) click here: Find My Maryland Senator

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    February 10, 2024

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    why not six year olds? or four?

    This is prompted by teachers' unions and power mad libs wanting to groom all the young kids with porn and book aggrandizing mental case trannies.

    Bob Oscar

    What possibly can go wrong?

    David Smith

    When will these morally corrupted scum be properly sorted out. They are a societal cancer and must be permanently removed from employment in government, schools and elections.

    Liz A.

    History has now shown that Joe McCarthy was absolutely right-- the infiltration is, as planned, across the spectrum of media, government, and education.

    Cardápio Online

    "Your posts are a testament to the power of gratitude. They remind me to appreciate the journey. Thank you!"

    SEO Localizado

    Thank you for being a lighthouse of gratitude, casting a beam of positivity and leading us to a thankful mindset through your blog!

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