• The Crime Of Noticing

    February 6, 2024

    I heard this phrase on the Dan Bongino show last week and it has stuck in my head since then.

    As I ask questions in my town, advocate for parental rights in my state, and generally speak out through my writing I have often wondered, "Why are people so angry with those of us who do these things?"

    Then he said that and I realized. We have committed the crime of noticing.

    You see, the people in government in the town, county, state, and country know they are doing things the wrong way. In some cases they are committing crimes or ethical violations. They've been doing it for a while and make no secret about it. In our town, they ignored the admonitions of their auditor to split the financial duties between two employees and left it all with one staff member. They allowed nepotism, obstruction of facts from citizens, etc. They didn't keep it a secret. They did it and hoped no one would notice.

    The State thought we wouldn't notice the increase of crime in our cities or the lack of basic services for taxpayers. The Feds thought we wouldn't notice that the southern border is wide open and all kinds of people are flowing in, even terrorists, cartel members, and military age young men just looking for an army; millions of them.

    And now that we did notice, they accuse us of doing wrong. How dare we question the actions of a bureaucrat or elected official? Don't we know that to NOTICE what they are doing wrong is a "crime?" We are supposed to sit here and pretend everything is okay, that our leaders local, state and national, are doing what is best for us.

    Now that we aren't, the people in charge are VERY upset.

    We get called all kinds of names for noticing. Some of them I can't print here. I've been told that I should leave the town I have lived in since the seventies if I don't like what is going on. I've been told that I am nit-picking when I point out how leaders have violated their own rules and policies. I've been called a troublemaker.

    There are people who

    There are people get arrested for telling the truth or daring to expose the evil that is happening.

    You know what?

    If my crime is the crime of noticing, I'm good with that. I think many others are starting to join me in this "crime" as they are noticing too. Go ahead, call me names. I don't care.



    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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    Brian Wroten

    Baltimore has the lowest homicide rate right now that it's had in the last 9 years and Hogan was the one who defunded "services for taxpayers" which Gov. Moore is now restarting. The problem is the things you "notice" have no basis in reality.

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