Mid- Shore Suffers Massive Tidal Flooding

    January 10, 2024
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    Towns across Maryland's Mid-Shore suffered massive tidal flooding on Tuesday. The cause was a massive "Nor'easter" that developed over the east coast. The storm brought up to four inches of rain in different areas and winds up to 80 mph which closed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for approximately four hours, leaving many travelers stranded in their cars.

    Tidal Flooding, was the main part of the problem:

    Residents of many Mid-Shore Towns faced the flooding which began Tuesday. Water levels in many areas were still high as of Wednesday afternoon, causing roads to remain closed. It was not clear when the water levels would drop.

    All Mid-Shore school districts except for Talbot closed early on Tuesday with afternoon and evening activities canceled. Most systems were closed on Wednesday.

    Maintenance crews in the Town of Oxford worked tirelessly Tuesday throughout the night and during the day on Wednesday to monitor roads, clear debris, and repair damage done by water and wind.

    The water line on this tree shows how high water levels were overnight.

    This stretch of South Morris Street, which was the target of flood abatement measures in Oxford was impassable Wednesday.

    With the controversial "Strand Restoration" project, which is geared toward preventing flooding on the Strand Shoreline, going on in the town, other parts of Oxford are suffering the disastrous effects of tidal flooding causing many residents to question the timing of the project. Flooding on the Strand had never been a priority until the National Wildlife Federation and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources offered a million-dollar grant. The Strand did not have any major flooding during Tuesday's storm but there was minor flooding on the adjacent roadway and in the town parking lot.

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