• The Sneaky Federal Plot To Turn Your Kids And Community Towards Communism In The Name Of ‘Resilience’

    December 20, 2023
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    December 18, 2023

    What's in the Federal Plan for Recovery and Resilence?

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    How do you get freedom-loving cities and towns wanting nothing to do with communism to adopt collectivist policies and turn their community into surveillance states that take away their individual rights? Through deception.

    ‘Resilience’ Is Being Used as the Pretext for a Global Agenda

     The Federal Plan for Equitable Long-Term Recovery and Resilience (a.k.a. ELTRR or “The Federal Plan”) is supposedly infusing federal funding into communities hit hard by the pandemic to make them more “resilient” against future disasters. Under this pretext, radical policy changes will be expected in these local economies to foster resilience; changes not just in health, but in education, housing, employment, transportation, food, water, justice, climate, etc. The recommendations instituted through The Federal Plan will affect what children will be taught in school (i.e. teach them to think like a communist), how communities are planned and budgeted (giving preferential treatment determined by skin color), how much water can be used and what kind of food can be purchased (decided by equity and sustainability), and more. Measuring resilience will also require collecting invasive amounts of data on children, adults, businesses, and local governments which will be gathered, tracked, and then eventually judged based upon whether or not their behavior is contributing to the “resilience”/health of their community. Essentially, The Federal Plan is being used as a “backdoor” way of implementing the totalitarian targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the One Health agenda of the World Health Organization’s Geneva Charter. It will transform America’s capitalist economy to what’s deceptively termed a well-being economy, where growth isn’t measured by gross domestic product (GDP), but by very subjective indicators of well-being and health that will need government intervention and constant monitoring to make certain everyone has equal outcomes in “resilience.

    Lisa Logan, Parents of Patriots video

    ‘Resilience’ is a Conspiracy to Overthrow our Current System of Government

    The Federal Plan was initiated by a treasonous federal interagency workgroup across 35+ agencies that have been conspiring with actors outside the government to transform America’s Constitutional
    Republic. It all started when a task force was assembled early in the COVID-19 pandemic within the National Response and Coordination Center whose job was to facilitate the recovery the nation, as well as come up with a plan for the United States’ resilience to withstand future crises to come. As described by Becky Payne, a 20-year CDC career official and member of the task force, she and other senior officials saw the crisis at hand as a golden opportunity to change the way government invests its funds. In March of 2020, she picked up the phone and called Tyler Norris of Well-Being Trust, Monte Roulier of Community Commons, and Bobby Milstein, a former colleague in CDC who was with the Rippel Foundation, to help set this plan into motion. With funding from the CDC Foundation, they assembled 100+ activist NGOs and civil society organizations already working to accomplish the destruction of capitalism to commission a paper called Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery and Resilience in Communities Across America. This paper was specifically created to conceptualize the main objectives for the forthcoming Federal Plan, which would borrow its Vital Conditions for Health and Well-Being as a guiding framework for its 78 recommendations.

    Figure 1: The Vital Conditions for Health and Well-Being framework, which The Federal Plan bases its 78 recommendations on, is the Social Determinants of Health framework rebranded to include more sectors of society.

    ‘Resilience’ through the Vital Conditions is a Trojan Horse for Communo-fascism

    Unlike traditional health promotion and disease prevention solutions that focus on root causes of disease (like changing behaviors related to obesity, smoking and substance abuse), the Vital Conditions for Health and Well Being Framework (Figure 1) command a greater emphasis on addressing more “upstream” social and environmental factors (called Social Determinants of Health) that government funding should be allocated to build “resilient” and “healthy” communities: Belonging and Civic Muscle, Thriving Natural World, Basic Needs for Health and Safety, Humane Housing, Meaningful Work and Wealth, Lifelong Learning, and Reliable Transportation. While this sounds good on the surface, in actuality the Vital Conditions framework and recommendations put out by The Federal Plan to meet them are a Trojan horse to transform America’s economy from one that values free enterprise and individualism when it comes to building prosperity to one that preemptively redistributes wealth and resources according to how the government—and their partners in big business and civil society—see fit (Communo-fascism).

    ‘Resilience’ Compels Reverse Racism

    Communo-fascism enacts something called distributive justice, which determines who gets resources according to “equity,” or environmental and social justice principles. This idea is based in Critical Race Theory, an offshoot of Marxism, which claims that disparities in outcomes for some racial groups are not the products of personal responsibility or choices but a result of the way the systems and institutions of America have been intentionally set up to keep people of color from having the same opportunities for achievement as white people. Critical Race Theorists advocate for tearing down capitalism in favor of a government system that fixes past injustices with present discrimination. The Federal Plan puts distributive justice into action by enforcing the expectation of equitable outcomes for all individuals and communities, while also demanding that access to federal resources needs to be equitable (not equal) as well. In the 224-page ELTRR report (Figure 2), it says that The Federal Plan “aspires to eliminate long-standing disparities by adapting and coordinating federal resources to address systemic racism and other inequities, prioritizing assistance to communities that have been historically marginalized or disadvantaged.” This is in direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It rewards or punishes people because of the color of their skin, giving people of color preferential treatment over white people in access to federal resources in hopes that this will guarantee an equal level of prosperity for all. Along with being wildly unrealistic, this is also racist.

    Figure 2: The ELTRR Report (pg. 14) calls for prioritizing access to federal resources to certain populations (discrimination) in the name of “equity.”

    Resilience’ is a Smokescreen for Cultural and Societal Transformation

    Efforts to “build resilience” in the Vital Conditions will include putting into place racist policies like: giving greater access to capital to start a small business based on skin color under Meaningful Work and Wealth, prioritizing investments in free childcare to communities of color to meet Basic Needs for Health & Safety, or helping students to have access to Lifelong Learning by targeting funding to provide after school and out of school programs specifically in localities and in populations that are classified as “historically marginalized.” Additionally, as a part of the Belonging & Civic Muscle and Lifelong Learning planks of The Vital Conditions, it will be required that all places students learn within every community (including schools, libraries, museums, after school programs, etc.) will be designed to incorporate culturally responsive and trauma-informed teaching practices. The aim of these practices is to indoctrinate students into having a critical consciousness so they become social justice activists that want to help tear down the current “oppressive” systems and institutions of the United States. Youth will be trained in schools through transformative social emotional learning and ‘civic engagement’(i.e. Action Civics) to think that the type of racism and collectivism The Federal Plan is advocating for is not only justified, but necessary.

    Other recommendations The Federal Plan makes will transform American cities to further the global agendas of the United NationsWorld Economic Forum, and World Health Organization.  The Federal Plan will use the assertion of how climate change and environmental factors affect the Vital Conditions for health to gain control over local airenergyfoodwatertransit, and farming policies. In order for communities to provide a Thriving and Natural World and be “sustainable,” SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) monitors will be attached to citizens’ water and power meters to keep track of how much they’re using, which could be shut off if one uses “too much.” Cities will be forced to use the federal funding passed down through the U.S. Economic Development Administration to build high-density housing, to transform educational institutions into healthcare facilities that can provide medical services to children (eventually without the consent of their parents) through the creation of “community schools,” and under the Reliable Transportation plank of the Vital Conditions, create 15-minute, “walkable” cities which will restrict car usage and be set up so that data on citizens’ “healthy” behaviors can be constantly gathered, tracked, shared, and monitored on cities’ Health Dashboards.

    Figure 3: Data collection on “healthy/resilient” behaviors will be constant in S.M.A.R.T. Cities.

    ‘Resilience’ Demands Constant Collection (and Monitoring) of Data

    Ensuring “equity” in the Vital Conditions will call for large amounts of data collection in each of its domains with the expectation that any data gathered will be disaggregated by certain demographics (but especially race) to implicate systemic oppression as the reason for any disparate outcomes. In addition, the intrusive data collection won’t just be on communities, but individuals as well. On page 36 of The Federal Plan for ELTRR, they say that “objective and empirical measures of a community, as well as an individual’s physical, psychological, social, behavioral, and spiritual propensity to thrive, will be evaluated and integrated, including measures from the existing Well-Being in the Nation (WIN) Measurement Framework.”

    The WIN Measurement Framework is a library of measurements created to guide local and state health departments on what data should be collected in their health needs assessments, which go on to influence what areas are prioritized in their state and community health improvement plans. Communities are being encouraged to include measures on the Vital Conditions, as well as some “flexible” measures—like how someone’s perception of everyday racism affects their lifespan—for their assessments.  If enough data and evidence can be collected to “prove” these types of correlations, then it can be promoted to the level of a Leading Health Indicator (LHI). Since LHIs are the high priority objectives that communities are told to focus their investments on by the Department of Health and Human Services, it is easy to see how fabricated data in a measurement area like this could be used as justification for more government-funded socialist programs and policies that unequally favor people of color in the name of “resilience.”

    “Resilience” Rankings of Today Will Become the Social Credit of Tomorrow

    Data collected through the WIN Measurement Framework on how much states, counties, cities, businesses and people contribute to the “health/resilience” of society will first be voluntarily ranked (e.g. U.S. News & World Health Report’s Healthiest CommunitiesJust Capital Rankings, the Opportunity Index, etc.), but will eventually be involuntarily judged in the social credit system that will follow. Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Scores, which banks and investors are using to decide if businesses are worthy of capital, will add health practices (like if free childcare is provided) to their metrics, edging out small businesses. As digital medical records (e.g. vaccination status) stored on blockchain are attached to digital identities and carried in digital wallets, an individual’s compliance (or lack thereof) with health/resilience recommendations, could—just like what happened in Communist China during the pandemic—dictate their ability to travel freely, shop at stores, or even ride public transportation. Under the guise of nice sounding words like “resilience,” The Federal Plan is laying the groundwork for this transition to a different economy, tracked by subjective indices and controlled by a One World Health Government which all Americans will become subject to.

    Contact your congressional representatives and call for a full investigation into The Federal Plan, the members of the 45+ government agencies driving it, and Assistant Secretary of Health, Admiral Richard (“Rachel”) Levine, and the Department of Health and Human Services who are currently housing and supporting this initiative.

    Lisa Logan is host of the YouTube Channel Parents of Patriots and author of the Substack Education Manifesto. She’s a wife, mother and accidental activist who exposes sinister global agendas to control society.

    Published with permission from Alex Newman at LibertySentinel.org.

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