• Wicomico County BOE Reports 116 Student Attacks On Faculty This Year

    December 14, 2023
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    Article by Darren Lombardo- Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition

    During their December 12, 2023 school board meeting, the Wicomico County Board of Education announced that there have been 116 student attacks on faculty this year to date. If there were that many attacks on adults, one can only imagine how many students were attacked. The public school system is very unsafe, and any teacher or student will tell you that. The big question is, what will be done to make our schools safe?

    The WCBOE approved some policy revisions at their meeting in attempt to address student conduct, including paid leave for faculty injured as a result of an attack. Here are some of the policies, which you can look up here.

    Will any of these policies work, will they be enforced, and will anything change?

    The WCBOE has several policies that they fail to enforce, and many of these policies even contradict their actions. When you point that out, their policies suddenly become irrelevant. Everything becomes an "isolated incident," nobody else reported any issues, and your the only parent with this concern. We've all been there, and the saga continues. They typically apply these policies only to citizens, while exempting themselves and their administration. We will show you a perfect example.

    Let's look at their Violation of Criminal Laws Policy ADM-HRR-PL-016.

    The WCBOE and Wicomico County Public Schools by their actions, deeds, and teachings absolutely encourage and condone the violation of felonies, controlled dangerous substances, crimes of immorality, and child abuse, including obscentity laws and other lawless offenses. We have exposed proof of what the Wicomico County public school system is doing again and again.

    WCBOE Permits Another Obscene Book, Promoting Drug Use & Sex with Animals

    WCBOE Continues to Expose Minors to Obscenity - PART II

    Wicomico County Public Schools Exploitation of Special Needs Children - Part I

    I Have A Nightmare: Systemic Racial Disparities In Schools and It's By Design

    Wicomico County Sets Proficiency Expectations Lower Based Upon Race

    WCPS Continues to Promote and Recruit Children for Sexualization

    WCPS Promotes Civil Disobedience Contributing to the Rise in Crime

    We have many more examples. Since the school system is promoting these things, we are now seeing the consequences in the classroom. How can students be disciplined if they have been permitted to behave this way? If you have no idea what we are saying, you need to read the articles above.

    At the board's November meeting, many parents and teachers made a public comment and pleaded with the board to address school safety. As a result, we either heard excuses from the board or no comment at all. You can read this article about the November meeting to see what parents and teachers said and watch the video of board excuses here.

    Why are Wicomico County Schools so dangerous?

    While we hope that the WCBOE enforces their policies, they must stop feeding the monster that they have fostered.

    They need to STOP: sexualizing our children, approving and supplying pornography to children, pandering to make-believe identities, gender-identity indoctrination, politicizing students, coddling feelings, implementing "safe spaces" and creepy "trusted adults," instilling victimhood, teaching students to be social justice warriors, empowering students to defy parents, teaching with political bias in the curriculum and classroom, using manipulative Social Emotional Learning (SEL), implementing toxic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) ideology, letting boys go into the girls bathroom and locker room, allowing students to have sex in school, allowing students to do drugs in school, implementing systems of double standards by race, steamrolling parents, grade fixing, and lowering educational standards. All of this contributes to the consequences of what we see happening today.

    What are some solutions in addition to stopping what the school is doing above?

    We need real solutions to address school safety, including the restoration of authority, boundaries, enforcement, accountability, more School Resource Officers, cameras in the classrooms, metal detectors, vape detectors, and actual disciplinary action. Problem students need to be removed and placed in an alternative setting, even if that means virtual distant learning at home. Teachers can't teach, and students can't learn if our schools aren't safe. Unless these issues are addressed, things will get much worse. Contact your elected officials below to let them know what you think.

    WCBOE Board Members 

    Gene Malone, Chair (District 2) - (443) 783-5530 [email protected] 

    Allen Brown, Vice Chair (District 1) - (410) 742-9668  [email protected] 

    Kristin Hazel (At Large) - (443) 366-4344  [email protected]  

    Bonnie Ennis (At Large)- (443) 783-1617  [email protected] 

    Susan Beauchamp (District 3) - (443) 235-2569 [email protected]  

    David Plotts (District 4) - (443) 880-0502 [email protected] 

    John Palmer (District 5) - (410) 896-3670 [email protected] 

    If you are a parent that needs any other reason to remove your child from public school, we encourage you to read Top Reasons To Exit Public School. If you are considering removing your child, please visit our page on Education Alternatives and How to Exit the Public School.

    Fellows & Editors

    December 14, 2023

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