• Easton Town Council November Update

    December 1, 2023
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    NOV 30, 2023 An Update From The CouncilDear Residents of Easton,
    As we close another eventful month, the Town Council remains dedicated to engaging with our community through transparent governance and responsive leadership. Here, we provide a combined update from our meetings on November 6th and 20th, highlighting key discussions, public hearings, and legislative actions that are shaping the future of Easton. November 6th Meeting: Public Hearings and Legislative Updates Ordinance No. 799 - Cannabis Moratorium: We amended the temporary moratorium on building permits for cannabis-related businesses to six months, it then passed unanimously. This period will allow for the careful consideration of revised zoning ordinance provisions to ensure public health and safety.- Ordinance No. 803 - Zoning Amendments: The public hearing on various zoning amendments underscored the importance of balancing community needs and development. This was continued to the January 2, 2024, meeting to allow for proper preparation and to encourage engagement from the public.- Ordinance No. 804 - Update to Subdivision Regulations: Discussions continued with potential updates to subdivision regulations, focusing on park standards and street safety. This agenda item was continued until the November 20, 2023, meeting.- Rise Up Coffee Roasters PUD Amendment: The hearing was continued to the December 4, 2023, meeting to allow for further assessment of the site's development and its impact on the community. Discussions - ARPA Funds Discussion: The Council engaged in discussions about the allocation of ARPA funds for Doverbrook. A potential allocation is contingent on the amount awarded by the State, through a DHCD grant. November 20th Meeting: Public Hearings and Legislative Updates Ordinance No. 804 - Update to Subdivision Regulations: We continued the public hearing on the comprehensive update to Chapter 25 of the Town Code, focusing on amendments to subdivision regulations, this was passed unanimously.- Annexation and Rezoning of BASI Brothers, LLC Property: A public hearing was held to discuss the annexation of 3.231 acres of land on the east side of Ocean Gateway/U.S. Route 50, along with the application of the Commercial General (CG) Zoning District to the annexed land. The public hearing was closed and will be brought to a vote, pending receipt of a zoning waiver from the County, at one of the December meetings.- Ordinance 802 - Bicycles and Similar Devices: The Council discussed amendments to Chapter 5 of the Town Code, focusing on regulations surrounding the use of bicycles and similar devices. This will be revised by the Town Attorney, Sharon VanEmburgh, to include requested verbiage and then will be voted on in December.- Resolution 6177 - All-Way Stop at Dutchmans Lane and Aurora Street: The Council passed a resolution authorizing the installation of an all-way stop at this intersection to enhance traffic safety and pedestrian protection.- Engineering Department's Presentation: We received an informative presentation on the progress of the 2020 Bond Projects, showcasing the effective utilization of resources and project developments. Discussions ARPA Funds Discussion: The Council listened to a presentation by Jonathon Rondeau from the Arc Central Chesapeake Region regarding their Port Street Commons mixed-use building. The Arc requested a letter of potential support from the Town. In Closing The Easton Town Council is grateful for the ongoing engagement and input from our community members. These discussions and decisions are instrumental in guiding our town towards a future that reflects our shared values of growth, safety, and equality. There is a Joint Session Workshop with the Planning Commission, on Zoning, scheduled for 4:30 pm on December 18, 2023.We encourage all residents to remain involved and informed as we continue to navigate these important topics; your input is welcomed and considered. Together, we are committed to making Easton a thriving and friendly community for all. As information, the agenda and materials for each meeting are posted on the Town’s website and each meeting is available live or can be viewed at a later date by visiting www.eastonmd.gov, and tapping “Agendas & Minutes." You can contact all of Easton’s elected officials at [email protected]. Sincerely, The Easton Town Council
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