• How Republicans Used The Democrat Playbook To Win In The Most Unlikely Of Places, Deep Blue Connecticut

    November 10, 2023
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    By CT Centinal Staff

    November 9, 2023

    Greenwich Republicans at a polling station in Cos Cob on Election Day.

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    Want to know how Republicans can win in 2024?

    By taking a few pages out of the Democrat playbook, that's how!

    You also need strong, principled and fearless leaders running your local Republican party. Not a bunch of spineless RINOs. But really courageous go-getters who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work that's required to take on the well-oiled democrat election machine.

    Here's some advice from the most unlikely of places, deep blue Connecticut, where Republicans did exactly that, and won.

    It started nearly two years ago when hundreds of energized Republicans from Greenwich, CT, showed up on a cold January night en masse in order to re-energize their local party. It was no small undertaking and required a lot of secret, advance planning... a "precinct strategy" as Bannon calls it was employed to take over the Republican Town Committee (RTC) in Greenwich.

    Sure, they hit some stumbling blocks along the way and suffered painful losses in the 2022 midterms, but that didn't stop the new Greenwich RTC. They never gave up. They kept going and going, uniting more and more people under their "big tent".

    Perhaps most importantly, they studied the democrats to learn what the opposition did better, and then perfected that same playbook to use against them in 2023. It worked. Greenwich Republicans won every office in town they could win, no small task considering they are the smallest group of voters in a deep blue state and a town where hoards of New York City refugees have resettled, bringing their radical progressive policies with them.

    Percent of Registered VotersPercent of Vote On Tuesday
    Unaffiliated / Other41.1330.78

    Source: Greenwich Republican Registrar, Fred DeCaro; Greenwich Voter Demographics.

    The RTC had to overcome the tremendous support given to Greenwich Democrat candidates from the state Democrat party, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, the Greenwich Democrat Town Committee, the Greenwich PTA, the League of Women Voters, The Voting Moms, Greenwich Indivisible, Greenwich Voices for Democracy, and school-focused Facebook groups in order to win.

    It was no small undertaking, but the RTC persevered, and cut through the hateful rhetoric (like calling Republicans "extremists"), an electorate disadvantage, and the well-funded, leftist national organizations that all threw their support behind the Greenwich Democrat candidates. 

    Greenwich native and former Navy Seal Carl Higbie outlined the key success factors in an impassioned monologue on Newsmax:

    1. SHOW UP: Every single republican on the voter rolls in Greenwich received at least one phone call in the week leading up to the election, not to mention text messages and emails.
    2. SECURE THE ABSENTEE VOTE: Greenwich Republicans beat democrats on mail-in and early ballots, especially by targeting college students and following up. That's never happened before.
    3. FIGHT BACK: Every negative ad, every negative op-ed, every campaign hit piece, all of it was addressed head on. Nothing went unanswered. And when the RTC realized that the local press was not always receptive to sharing their letters and Op Eds, the Republicans looked elsewhere, relying on new outlets, including The Connecticut Centinal, to fight back.
    4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Greenwich Republicans did meticulous opposition research on every single candidate. They scoured social media posts, read resumes, searched for articles and learned absolutely everything they could about their opponents, their public statements, their policies, and their promises. And they weren't afraid to use what they found, and get into the mud, either.
    5. NEUTRALIZE THE DEMOCRAT NARRATIVE: Local Democrats tried to make their campaign about social issues and feelings, but Republicans drove home the policy issues that really impacted people in their daily lives. Republicans managed to cut through the misinformation and lies perpetrated by Democrats by actively engaging with the community, removing stigmas and falsehoods, and advancing the appeal of Republican ideals and principles from housing and education to affordable taxes and public safety.

    Watch video below:


    So for all of the Republicans out there who are licking their wounds after Tuesday, you now have marching orders.

    You know what you have to do to win in 2024, so get to work right now because 2024 will be here before you know it!

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