• Easton Town Council President's Monthly Update

    October 30, 2023
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    October 26, 2023

    Easton Town Council President's Monthly Update - October 2023

    Dear Residents of Easton,

    The Town Council is pleased to bring you an update on the significant activities and developments that have transpired in our community throughout the month of October. We remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and collaboration as we work collectively to enhance the quality of life in Easton.

    Community Engagement and Infrastructure

    October has been a testament to the vitality of Easton, with the initiation of numerous bond projects reflecting our community’s robust developmental trajectory. Our gratitude extends to the dedicated professionals in the engineering, parks and recreation, construction, building and facilities, and finance departments, all of whom have played a crucial role in this progress. It is noteworthy to mention that our town staff successfully met their goal of utilizing allocated funds before the deadline, ensuring efficient and effective use of resources.

    These efforts have resulted in substantial community benefits, including the establishment of the new Easton Point Park near Phillips Wharf, the creation of a dog park at Brewers Lane, and the implementation of sidewalk improvements along Fisher Range Road. The North Easton Sports Complex has also seen exciting developments, with the addition of new storage buildings and a skate park adjacent to the pump track.

    Furthermore, the installation of lights at North Easton Park, specifically at the Acorn and Hatcher fields, represents a significant enhancement to our recreational facilities, enabling extended community use.

    Council Workshop and Meeting Highlights

    The workshop held on October 2nd provided a valuable opportunity for in-depth discussion on proposed zoning and subdivision regulation amendments. Mr. Thomas delivered a comprehensive overview, and Councilmember Curry facilitated an important conversation regarding the optimization of retail space in our downtown business district.

    In the subsequent Town Council meeting, Mayor Cook updated the community on bond projects and upcoming events. Town Manager Mr. Richardson and Town Attorney Mrs. VanEmburgh presented upcoming public assembly events and legislative items for the Council’s consideration. Chief Lowrey, of the Easton Police Department, addressed recent safety concerns, reaffirming our commitment to maintaining a secure environment in Easton.

    A highlight of the October 16th meeting was the presentation of a Proclamation expressing Easton's deep sympathy and support for Israel following the tragic events of October 7th. This Proclamation was presented to Rabbi Peter Hyman of Temple B'nai Israel and subsequently delivered to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., emphasizing our community’s solidarity.

    Additionally, the Council received a presentation from the Veterans Affairs Department, with Mr. Phillip Munley, Director, Service and Benefits Program, and Secretary Anthony Wood addressing any queries and providing updates related to the Veterans Center lease.

    The Public Hearing on Ordinance Number 799, concerning a temporary moratorium on cannabis-related businesses, has been rescheduled, with the vote set to take place during the November 6th meeting. We encourage all residents to participate and share their views.

    Acknowledging Concerns and Looking Ahead

    During the Public Participation/Comments segment of the October 2nd meeting, the Council heard from residents Steven Mangasarian and Dudley Greer. Mr. Mangasarian raised concerns regarding the challenges faced by downtown merchants due to the expansion of the Farmer's Market, and Mr. Greer voiced his concerns about safety following a recent incident at Sidetracks Saloon.

    We are fully committed to addressing these concerns and ensuring the safety and well-being of all Easton residents. The community’s voice is vital, and we are actively listening and working towards solutions.

    In Closing

    As we transition into November, the Town Council remains unwavering in its commitment to the community’s progress and well-being. Serving the residents of Easton is a great honor, and we are dedicated to upholding the values and vision that make Easton an exceptional place to call home.

    We encourage all residents to stay engaged and informed as we continue to work together in shaping the future of our town. You can reach all Town of Easton elected officials by emailing: [email protected].

    Warmest regards,

    The Easton Town Council—

    Frank Gunsallus
    Council President
    Town of Easton

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