• Maryland Gets Caught In Election Fraud And Tries To Hide It

    October 23, 2023

    The issue of 'blank ballots' has been found to represent massive election fraud from state to state across the nation.

    CDM contributor Chris Gleason has been instrumental in discovering and investigating the issue.

    Below one can see an email chain with Maryland officials who are 1. refusing to respond correctly to open records requests on the blank ballot issue 2. Misrepresenting what a 'blank ballot' is in the first place in order to obfuscate 3. Illegally certifying elections with hardware that was not certified.

    In short, MD was found to be infected with the 'blank ballot' problem, to take votes from certain candidates. Efforts to obtain 'audit logs' which are public records to confirm this fact are being stonewalled.

    From Christopher Gleason

    Monday, October 23rd, 2023 at 4:39 PM

    To Kevin Karpinski
    CC Michael Fletcher, Amoretta M. Hoeber, Ann Guthrie Hingston, Brajkovic, Boris, David Naimon


    You would be well advised that the EAC had previously defined what a BLANK BALLOT "IS". Since it seems that the people illegally administering elections in Maryland have ZERO regard for the rule of law and for some reason the law schools there do not teach what a public record is and is not...

    For your benefit, I am attaching for your review a document that offers some clarification from the esteemed EAC located in Silver Spring Maryland.

    Does the Montgomery County Board of Elections have an insurance policy or fidelity bond in place to cover fraud by it's members, officers and representatives?

    Kindly provide that information as soon as possible. As we are now officially/formally requesting that information as well.

    Have a blessed day. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,

    Chris Gleason

    On Mon, Oct 23, 2023 at 7:14 AM Kevin Karpinski wrote:

    Thank you for your email. We are looking into the issues you have raised. Kevin

    Kevin Karpinski

    Karpinski, Cornbrooks & Karp, P.A.

    From: Christopher Gleason
    Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2023 10:57 AM
    To: Kevin Karpinski
    Cc: Michael Fletcher; Amoretta M. Hoeber; Ann Guthrie Hingston; Brajkovic, Boris; David Naimon

    Subject: Re: Blank Ballots


    Thank you for your response. Is it your professional legal opinion that they will comply with the MPIA as well as they complied with the Maryland Statutes regarding the certification of voting systems or the certification of elections using voting systems that were VOID in their entirety due to the fact that modems and network devices were attached?

    How can a Board of Elections legally certify an election that was conducted on a voting system with a certification that was void in its entirety?

    Since we have the legal big brains here that represent the county that illegally disenfranchised thousands of Montgomery County voters, can you explain how the Runbeck Ballot Duplication software NOVUS was employed to alter the ballots cast by Montgomery County voters? When can we expect to see the audit logs from that part of the voting system?

    What part of "COMPUTERIZED RECORDS" of the MPIA is unclear? "Computerized" or "Records"?
    Do you know what the definition of a "Public Record" is?
    According to Maryland law.
    I am attaching for your benefit a copy of the Maryland PIA Reference Manual.

    All “public records” are covered by the PIA. The term “public record” is defined in GP § 4-101(k) and includes not only written material but also photographs, photostats, films, microfilms, recordings, tapes, computerized records, maps, drawings, and any copy of a public record.

    This is a date/time stamp record of activities taken on electronic voting systems that are used to ADMINISTER OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS/DUTIES.

    In fact federal and state election law requires/mandates that an audit log is automatically generated, exists and is stored on your voting systems.

    Are we clear that the AUDIT LOGS were already generated and currently exist in your possession as they are "COMPUTER RECORDS" that are in FACT Public Records?

    Is it your official position that you are refusing to comply with Maryland PIA requirements?

    If that is your official position, I suggest that you refer to the following section of the Maryland PIA Manual

    I very much look forward to watching the mental gymnastics being employed in Maryland by its top legal scholars employed by the Maryland Election Fraud Mafia RICO enterprise. Will your strategy include defining what the meaning of the word "IS" is?

    Warmest regards,

    Chris Gleason

    On Sun, Oct 22, 2023 at 9:26 AM Kevin Karpinski wrote:

    Chris- I can assure you that the MCBOE has every intention to comply with the letter and the spirit of the Maryland Public Information Act. We have been told by SBE that the specific report requested is not generated. However, we are going to look into the issue further. Perhaps there is some other report under a different name or number that will address the issue. The Montgomery County Board of Elections prides itself on transparent elections. I can assure you that we have nothing to hide. We will be back in touch later in the week.

    Mr. Fletcher- I understand that Boris called you last week to discuss but has not gotten a return telephone call. Please call him when you have time. We look forward to addressing your concerns. Take care and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Kevin

    Kevin Karpinski

    Karpinski, Cornbrooks & Karp, P.A.

    From: Christopher Gleason
    Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 12:49 PM
    To: Michael Fletcher
    Cc: Amoretta M. Hoeber , Ann Guthrie Hingston , Brajkovic, Boris , Kevin Karpinski , David Naimon

    Subject: Re: Blank Ballots

    The easiest way to answer all of the legitimate questions raised thus far is for the County Board of Elections and the Maryland Board of Elections to simply comply with Maryland Public Information Statutes and stop violating the law with regards to disclosure of public records.

    At this point all of the attempts to redefine what the meaning of what the word "is" is is prima facie evidence of wilfull non compliance of their mandatory and non discretionary duty to provide these audit logs that were already generated and were compiled and are sitting on the hard drives in all of these systems. Which by the way were either never legally certified for use in Maryland elections and were illegal to use in elections because their certifications were voided in their entirety.

    At this point any further delays and stonewalling is nothing more than an active and ongoing conspiracy to deprive Maryland voters of their right to cast ballots in elections.

    I could go into detail about how many federal and state election law Statutes that the Maryland election fraud mafia is in violation of but that can be the subject of discussion during depositions.

    How about you hand over the full unredacted AUDIT LOGS and prove your innocence and clean hands?

    The audit logs take less than 10 minutes to export to a file that can then be shared in the format that it had been previously generated in during the course of administering your official duties...(PUBLIC RECORDS DEFINED)

    All of this is quite unnecessary.

    Warmest regards,

    On Sat, Oct 21, 2023, 12:31 PM wrote:

    Ms. Hoeber:

    I can wait for the SBE info. Until then, you may recall that my presentation to the BOE on Oct 16 included blank ballots cast during all phases of voting, i.e., early, election day and even provisional. (Who goes through the effort to cast a blank provisional ballot?). I have attached a copy of my comments to the MCBOE.

    Also, I have attached excerpted sections of the SBE regulations that discuss the election management system and the reports and audit logs it can generate to verify the proper operation of the system and any changes to software or firmware that may have occurred following preelection testing of the system. The election management system has the information we requested (EL68A Reports) ready to be exported.

    Mike Fletcher

    From: Amoretta M. Hoeber
    Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2023 12:08 PM
    To: Ann Guthrie Hingston
    Cc: Brajkovic, Boris; Kevin Karpinski; David Naimon
    Subject: Re: Blank Ballots

    Mike – the material you are supplying refers to ballots cast in person on election day (or during early voting).

    The blank ballots count problem is a result of MAIL-IN BALLOTS where the voter does not return a WHOLE BALLOT and the canvassers need to put blank pages with the mailed in pages to constitute WHOLE BALLOTS so the counting machine can count.

    If you can, please wait until the State BOE posts the factual explanation on their website – they promised to do so during the meeting this past Thursday. Then we will be happy to discuss as needed.

    Amie Hoeber

    From: Mike Fletcher
    Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2023 11:56 AM
    To: 'Brajkovic, Boris'
    Cc: 'Kevin Karpinski'
    Subject: Blank Ballots


    I have to take issue with your response to my comments about blank ballots at Monday’s BOE meeting. (The BOE meeting public participation period does not lend itself to a thorough debate of the comments.) The definition of blank ballots that you gave is not consistent with the definitions used in the past. See the attached pages from the 2022 Primary Election Voting Operations Judge Training Manual.

    Your response focused on adding blank pages or cards to mail-in ballots. I don’t doubt that blank pages had to be added to mail-in ballots that did not include all pages. But that was to allow the scanner to accept the ballot. As you know, the scanners are programmed to look for a complete ballot meaning one that includes all the pages. When the scanner accepts these ballots to which blank pages were added, it is documented as an undervote, not a blank ballot, because not all contests were voted.

    The ES45A report excerpt I provided with my comments shows that blank ballots were cast during early voting, on election day, as provisional votes as well as mail-in voting. The answer that you gave about adding pages to mail-in ballots addresses only blank ballots for MIB1 and MIB2 on that table. It does not address blank ballots cast during early voting, election day, or provisional. Also, your answer does not comport with the definition of Blank Ballots used by ES&S (see below).

    Furthermore, Maryland Election Law §9-202 Subtitle 2 – Ballots, describes a ballot as presenting all candidates and questions in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner and permitting the voter to easily record a vote on questions and on the voter’s choices among candidates. This clearly means that a ballot consists of all the pages (cards)

    Also, SBE regulations. Section – Definitions, includes a definition of a “Test deck” used to verify scanner function that shows that a ballot must include votes for each candidate and each question that appears on the ballot. In other words, a ballot consists of all the pages (cards) in the ballot.

    (21) "Test deck" means a preaudited group of ballots that contains:

    (a) For the precinct tabulator and high-speed tabulator:

    (i) Predetermined number of valid votes for each candidate, each write-in position, and each voting option on a question that appears on the ballot; and

    (ii) One or more ballots that have been improperly voted or that have votes in excess of the number allowed by law, in order to test the ability of the system to reject the votes; and

    (b) For the ballot marking device, at least one selection in each contest in each ballot style; and

    (c) One or more blank ballots.

    I am concerned about blank ballots because if a voter (or election worker) inserts a ballot into a scanner that has the voter’s choices on it but the scanner counts the ballot as blank, that voter has had his voting rights infringed. I hope that you would agree that the large number of blank ballots in Montgomery County’s elections should be investigated to assure that the machines are counting votes accurately. This concern should not be minimized by simply changing the definition of terms.

    My comments at the BOE meeting included a way to verify that the scanners are not counting a voted ballot as blank using a simple audit. Please consider this approach to investigating this concern.

    Mike Fletcher

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt and was a national security columnist for The Washington Times. He is also founder/publisher of CDM and editor-in-chief of Tsarizm.com. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    The fact that a voter doesn't make a selection on certain contests on a ballot should never give anyone the right to tamper with the ballot. Just count the votes that were cast.All this game playing with definitions of words, and excuses to add "blank" pages to undervoted ballots, which opens the opportunity for tampering with votes, coupled with the lack of records of the tampering should confirm to every voter that those elections are an illusion of an election. Get new machines.

    B Seidem

    Get honest people to count.

    B Seidem

    Democrats being democrats, liars, thieves. Godless rabble, US homegrown terrorists. The guillotine waits.

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