• What Happened When Moms For Liberty Brought James Lindsay To CT. It's Not What The Mainstream Media Said.

    October 22, 2023
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    By CT Centinal Staff

    October 22, 2023

    James Lindsay

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    The Hartford County Chapter of Moms for Liberty held an event in Avon, Connecticut yesterday with James Lindsay, author of books like The Marxification of Education, internationally renown speaker, and President of New Discourses, which includes more than 3,000 podcasts, a social justice encyclopedia and more.

    But if you talked to any local democrats about Lindsay coming to Connecticut, you'd think the world was coming to an end.

    The Avon Democrats issued an unhinged statement ahead of the event to denounce the Moms, falsely alleging that the group of caring and sincere parents "serves to demonize, dehumanize and erase entire groups of people."

    "And we denounce the intimidation our educators, librarians and school administrators are experiencing across Connecticut and the nation because a tiny cross-section of the population is resurrecting ‘purity’ agendas as a tactic to push vulnerable groups into the margins of society,” said the Democrats' Facebook post.

    It wasn't just Avon Democrats freaking out about Lindsay's appearance at a Moms for Liberty event.

    It was all of them—the whole Connecticut Democrat party.

    In fact, the Connecticut Dems even called on protestors from all around the state to descend on the Avon Senior Center where Lindsay was scheduled to speak.


    “We just don’t tolerate this in our town,” said Erin Barthel, a Democrat on Avon's Town Council who is running for re-election. "We want all families who move here to feel welcome.”

    Except for conservative families, apparently.

    Those families do not appear to be welcome based on what was expressed by the angry mob gathered at both entrances of the Avon Senior Center, and stationed along side the road as you turned into the parking lot.

    The protestors were mean, hateful and full of rage. Cancel culture was on full display as they loudly shouted and swore at people who attended the event. They screamed at Lindsay as he got out of the car in front of the Center. Then the protestors followed the volunteer who drove Lindsay as she parked her car, making fun of how she was dressed in "f*cking flag colors" while calling her names like "Princess Red Shoes" and "MAGA deplorable".

    The protestors took pictures of many, if not all of the meeting attendees and threatened to dox them on social media, with the mean-spirited intention of trying to get attendees fired from their jobs if they could. One protestor even attempted to knock the camera out of a journalist's hands because she aligned with the Moms. Ironically, his poster said parental rights were used to bully and harass, even though he was the person bullying and harassing the journalist. It's a good thing the police were present and informed about the protestor getting physical.

    The protestors, obviously the real purveyors of hate, were whipped up into an emotional frenzy over "book bans" but it turns out many of them were entirely uninformed about the details underlying the book issue. The protesters were just blindly repeating the Democrat talking points on "book bans".

    But when one protestor stationed at the "Banned Books" tent was challenged on the issue, it became immediately clear that she had no idea what she was talking about. She didn't have kids, and didn't even know which titles were being questioned. She just knew that book bans were bad.

    The Centinal clarified that no books were actually being banned, and that the issue was ensuring age-appropriateness of books. The protestor thought that seemed reasonable and asked for an example.

    The book "It's Perfectly Normal" was cited. It describes masturbation and sexual intercourse, for instance, and includes graphic pictures of these acts. It's currently available in an elementary school in Greenwich, meaning children aged 5-10 could potentially stumble across the title in the library.

    When the protestor heard this, she screamed, "You're a LIAR!!!" She further said that no one would put a book about masturbation in front of elementary school kids, and flat out didn't believe it was in a school library. But the book is, in fact, in that school library.

    "Princess Red Shoes" dared the protestor to take a look at the books being challenged for age-appropriateness so she could educate herself before she spouts off nonsense about book bans again.

    The conversation was overheard by Kamora Herrington, founder of Kamora’s Cultural Corner in Hartford, which she describes as a "black queer Afro-centric space". She helped organize the book table that was giving out free children’s and adult’s books allegedly from banned book lists, including books like, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

    Of course, the Moms aren't trying to ban the Maurice Sendak classic. They just want to ensure that titles are age-appropriate. You wouldn't take your 5-year-old to an X-rated movie, so why would an X-rated book be any different?

    Herrington told "Princess Red Shoes" to shut up because she was going to lay it all out.

    She boasted, "I'm a queer dyke" a couple times, and said her family values included "a lot of sex" with women. She wants her child to believe that this "is normal" and therefore she wants her child to see this behavior reflected in the classroom and in the library.

    If Lindsay overheard that comment, you can imagine what he might say.

    The tone inside the event was the exact opposite of the chaos and rage present outside.

    The room was packed with polite, respectful and concerned citizens from all across the state. They were grateful to assemble with like-minded folks, and eager to learn from Lindsay and the stellar panel of community leaders that had been thoughtfully assembled by the Moms.

    Lindsay delivered a rather sobering talk that should serve as a call to action for anyone who listened. In fact, his talk should be required listening for every parent in the state, especially those with school-age children.


    He started off by sharing a bit of history about Mao and the cultural revolution in China before explaining how similar forces were taking hold in American classrooms and teaching colleges.

    He talked about the frightening occult origins of social emotional learning, and how education has been hollowed out and hijacked by trained Marxists. He explained that being "woke" means having awakened to having a particular type of 'critical consciousness' as understood within a Critical Social Justice framework.

    Critical Social Justice "sees the world only in terms of unjust power dynamics and the need to dismantle problematic systems." It requires "viewing society through various critical lenses, as defined by various critical theories."  And it requires a "lifelong commitment to self-reflection, self-criticism, and (progressive) social activism" all in the name of social justice.

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    Lindsay perfectly described what's been happening in schools across the country and especially in Connecticut. When he was done speaking, attendees fully understood the nature of the spiritual war raging in American schools, and wanted advice for how to undo the damage.


    The answer includes getting involved in local politics, voting out those responsible for pushing radical ideologies like Critical Social Justice and Critical Race Theory, and electing strong leaders who aren't afraid to take on these American Communists.

    The answer also includes cutting through the lies and misinformation propagated by the mainstream media about groups like Moms for Liberty.

    Like the completely biased Hartford Courant article that Taylor Hartz wrote about the Moms event.

    Hartz falsely claimed the Hartford Courant was "denied entry" into the event. But the truth is that the journalist didn't buy a ticket, and in light of the chaotic and angry mob that filled the parking lot, only ticketed guests were allowed to enter.

    Had Hartz shelled out $25 for a ticket, she might have actually learned something yesterday.

    But she wasn't there to learn anything about Moms for Liberty or James Lindsay. Hartz was sent there to write a hit piece because the radical left progressives are terrified of the powerful message relayed yesterday, the rapidly growing popularity of the Moms, and the threat that poses to the progressive stranglehold on the state.

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