• Is It Time To Help Andy Harris And Elite Republicans Leave Their Clueless Bubble?

    September 23, 2023
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    At a recent fund raiser in Maryland, Representative Andy Harris once again proved that he is not the Conservative he portrays himself to be. Even though Harris is a member of the "Freedom Caucus," he keeps supporting issues that show he is either lying or out of touch with Conservatives. Here's one example that was shared prior to the fund raiser. This is a list of Representatives and Senators who previously voted AGAINST the continued U.S. taxpayer funding of the proxy war in Ukraine:

    1. Rep. Matt Gaetz

    2. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna

    3. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene,

    4. Rep. Eli Crane

    5. Rep. Dan Bishop

    6. Rep. Paul Gosar

    7. Rep. Cory Mills

    8. Rep. Tim Burchett

    9. Rep. Wesley Hunt

    10. Rep. Ronny Jackson

    11. Rep. Ken Buck

    12. Rep. Matt Rosendale

    13. Rep. Andy Ogles

    14. Rep. Tony Gonzalez

    15. Rep. Ralph Norman

    16. Rep. Lauren Boebert

    17. Rep. Chip Roy

    18. Rep. Byron Donalds

    19. Rep. Roger Williams

    20. Rep. Clay Higgins

    21. Rep. Victoria Spartz

    22. Rep. Harriet Hageman

    23. Rep. Bill Posey

    24. Rep. Bob Good

    25. Rep. Warren Davidson

    26. Rep. Jeff Duncan

    27. Rep. Greg Steube

    28. Rep. Beth Van Duyne

    29. Rep. Lance Gooden

    30. Rep. Josh Breecheen

    31. Rep. Mary Miller

    32. Rep. Andy Biggs

    33. Rep. Russell Fry

    34. Rep. Micheal Cloud.

    35. Senator Rand Paul

    36. Senator Mike Lee

    37. Senator JD Vance

    38. Senator Tommy Tuberville

    39. Senator Mike Braun

    40. Senator Roger Marshall

    As you check and double check this list, notice that Andy Harris's name is NOT on that list, meaning he supported the continued government robbery of the U.S. citizens to fund the war in Ukraine to the tune of 45 billion taxpayer dollars.

    *From THE HILL on 9/21/2023: (The writer clarified this article when several questioned whether Ukraine funding had been voted on. These two articles show how Ukraine funding was part of the Pentagon funding opposed by Conservatives. Harris did NOT vote to stop that funding and force McCarthy to split the funding to be voted on by their own merit. )

    Conservatives deal blow to McCarthy with second failure to advance Pentagon funding | The Hill

    McCarthy vows to strip Ukraine money from Pentagon bill after Greene ‘no’ vote | The Hill

    This is not the only indicator that Harris is not who he claims to be. When, at a recent fundraiser, he was asked about defunding the Department of Education, he deflected to another topic, never stating that he would or wouldn't get rid of this wasteful government agency.

    When dismal test scores in Maryland were mentioned, Harris said that Homeschooling or school choice legislation were the answer. Someone mentioned that many are afraid that school choice initiatives would require private school or homeschoolers to follow Federal/State regulations and programs because government funds are involved Harris answered, "We'll give people grants."

    I'm not sure that Representative Harris understands that government grants ALWAYS have strings attached that tell people what to teach and programs to maintain. Just take a look at a recent government grant to our local school system that funds 12 social workers in our schools and two system wide administrators to coordinate the grant and to navigate the grant for families. This while the system can't hire enough teachers for each classroom. It's a great example of how grants force the hands of local school districts to do things that don't meet the mission of educating children. Maybe he does know how ridiculously binding these grants are and just doesn't care.

    He also doesn't seem interested in fixing public schools by removing federal and state funded and unfunded mandates. In fact, he is dismissive of the action that could help with that, abolishing the Department of Education.

    One brave attendee kept pressing Harris on the illegal detention of the January 6th prisoners and when all the tapes of that event would be released as previously promised. Again, crickets.

    But hey, Harris has done quite a bit to fight the blue catfish in the Chesapeake Bay. Not discounting that but wondering why catfish are more dangerous than uneducated, indoctrinated children or violating people's fundamental judicial rights?

    Harris says that illegal immigration and the economy are the top issues for this election. He's right about both.

    But as to the economy, I guess giving money to Ukraine will help OUR economy by stealing money from our already broke country to give to a foreign country that is even more corrupt than ours. It must since Harris voted to continue it.

    He is right about illegal immigration. It is a crucial election issue. It may be one of the key issues that he was right about. In everything else, he proved he is cluelessly and callously stuck in his government bubble, one he only leaves to raise money.

    Perhaps the recently ordained Chairman of the Maryland G.O.P., Nicole Harris, might clue him in. That is if she could. Unfortunately, Andy and his wife are like a lot of elitist Republicans in power in the State of Maryland. They are more about raising money than addressing the issues that many Conservatives are concerned about. They are completely out of touch and keep repeating the same trite phrases and useless solutions they always pose.

    Maybe it's time to help all of them out of that elite bubble and replace them with real Conservatives.

    UPDATE: Representative Harris missed this vote also:

    (4) 51 Congress members co-sponsoring Rep. Andy Biggs HR-79, WHO Withdrawal Act. (substack.com)

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    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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    Joyce Zimmerman

    I agree Maryland needs to wake up. Call Harris’s tell him no more funding for Ukraine. Fund the boarder wall. Shut down the boarder we are being invaded!

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