• We'll Have To Defeat Ballot-Tampering In 2024, Too!

    September 22, 2023
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    By Bob MacGuffie

    September 20, 2023

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    For any not yet aware, there’s video of ballots being illegally stuffed into a remote ballot box during the Bridgeport Democrat primary earlier this month. The scandal is being widely covered in CT, even by Hearst and other corporate media, because, though they try, it’s hard to bury video of actual criminality taking place before our eyes. A full set of links to the video and press coverage appears at the end of this e-mail.

    A woman associated with the Ganim for Mayor campaign was recorded repeatedly stuffing multiple ballots into a ballot collection box right outside the Bridgeport government center building. CT state statute states that absentee ballots can be returned only by the ballot applicant, their family members, police officers, local election officials, or someone who is directly caring for a person who is ill or physically disabled. So, any video we ever see where a person is stuffing ballots into a collection box, would need to be a policeman or an election official. Any others caught on video stuffing multiple ballots into collection boxes at odd hours of the night are likely committing a crime.

    This ballot stuffer was caught on government surveillance video. The video was leaked to the press. And Joe Ganim’s opponent in the primary, John Gomes, seized on the issue, for he only lost the election by 251 votes. Gomes is calling for an investigation, a halt to the certification of the election - and may call for a new primary. Bridgeport police will investigate the ballot tampering, and also made clear another top priority will be investigating how the video made its way from the security management system to the public so fast. Because, by quickly revealing what should have already been made public by election officials, someone has made it very inconvenient for the election to now be certified and the citizenry to again be rolled by the Bridgeport Democrat machine.

    The State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) said it will conduct a full investigation, and Governor Lamont, clutching his pearls, also called for an “aggressive” investigation, “leaving no stone unturned.” Unfortunately, such electoral misbehavior is not news for Bridgeport residents. The woman caught on the video was also one of three Ganim campaign-aligned individuals who just last month were criminally referred by the SEEC to the State’s Attorney, for the alleged misuse of absentee ballots back in the 2019 mayoral campaign. And law enforcement being what it is today in Democrat cities, she evidently was undeterred by her criminal referral, and was right back at it, a few weeks later.

    Complaints about ballot tampering and election irregularities in Bridgeport have regularly been reported for decades. Indeed, I was at the Blackham School in Bridgeport on Election Day in 2010 observing the vote, when in late afternoon the voting line stopped, and officials announced that they had run out of blank ballots. Then, before the promised additional supply could arrive from the Registrar’s office, the line started moving again and voting recommenced. We never did get an explanation for the mysterious source of the replacement ballots. Tom Foley took the hit and Dan Malloy became the new governor.

    So, in addition to having to overcome Hearst Media’s iron lock on Fairfield County’s media, will we also have to face the prospect of continued absentee-ballot tampering? Ballot boxes scattered around cities and towns are unnecessary, (absentee ballots can be submitted by mail), and simply serve as an invitation, and facilitation for fraud.  And Jim Himes continues to hold this CT-4 congressional seat largely on the electoral margin he perennially harvests from the Bridgeport polls.

    Connecticut is not as Blue as the pundits contend – we are instead ‘Blue-Captured’ and the entire Leftist combine has to be defeated with an historic turnout at the polls, both this year and next. We need to vote like the future of the Republic depends upon it – because it literally does.......

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    SOTS: Bridgeport ballot scandal result of 'bad actors' and 'under-educated electorate'...

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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