• BREAKING: Ukrainian Army Surrendering In Massive Numbers To Russian Forces

    September 22, 2023
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    By Staff Writer

    September 22, 2023

    Will Corrupt Biden Send Our Men And Women To The Meat Grinder?

    Image by President Of Ukraine

    The following is an email from a trusted source in East Ukraine.

    UPDATE: From Donbass: 3500 AFU surrended. RU army set a code ops "Volga", on a specific military frequency (149.200), they are welcoming massive number of guys.


    I had this morning a very strange conversation with the attaché of Virginie Joron, European Deputy, after 30 min discussion during which i told him what was really brewing in the ukrainian pot, the guy was like electrified and came out with enygmatic statement saying "Nobody dare in the parliament to criticize ukraine, its a radioactive product", then "we are reaching a red spot and its very dangerous"... He did not want to tell me more but, in regard of the fact that :

    1. UA army is decimated totally (few days ago in Andriyevka, more than 1000 AFU got wiped during the day, this is very ugly)
    2. Hospital are exceeding capacity and they do not repatriate wounded on the front line, they are rotting on the spot
    3. Ammo has diminished in a drastic manner when absolutely no progress are made
    4. In about a month or so, rain season will start, which is going to fix movement of heavy material

    Pentagone/Biden admin coming out with a statement saying the war will be long is quite surprising, specially understanding the real situation... Poland said they will not provide Ukraine anymore weapon due to grain deal dispute put a big question on the table: WHO Washington expect to fight ? US ? This is a VERY DANGEROUS move if they dare to try that...

    Maintaining a status quo freezing the conflict will not happen, RU will take advantage until their goals are achieved, because they do not want to deal with anybody until the game is over for Ukraine (The ceasure of Odessa).

    Macron and his Borel/Von Der Leyen clique of morrons are claiming they will focus on the "STAN" countries far East (Kazhakstan, Turkmenistan...), to follow up on what Soros (Minion son Alexander) decided, allocating more funds there from EU focus... I cannot imagine the reception they will get there. Nevertheless, are they trying to circle Russia with a gang of multicolored flags? Very funny!

    I measure the desperation on the table west side, economy in EU is wipped totally, US drawning under debts... Desperated people are very dangerous, they are capable of the worse move out of trying to save something that is not savable ... We need more to act upon information than trying to propose a solution to solve the conflict because the STOP must come from a much more powerful tool : Population. We need to come out with idea to leverage this power.

    Best, XXX.


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